How to maintain your rotary mats

Maintenance for your mats

  • Always use an OLFA® cutting mat when using rotary cutting tools.
  • Keep cutting surfaces free from pins, needles, fabric, and other items you don’t want to cut.
  • Clean your cutting mats with light detergent and a soft, damp cloth, if needed.
  • Use a lint roller or heavy tape to remove them fibers that get caught in cuts. An art gum eraser found at art supply stores will help remove fibers, too.
  • For plush fabric or cotton batting, turn the mat over and use the back.
  • Store mats flat, don’t leave them in a warm or cold vehicle and keep them out of direct sunlight. Don’t iron on them. A warped mat cannot be made flat again.
  • Don’t cut over and over in the same place on your mat as it will inhibit the self-healing properties in the mat, causing a groove that will make your cuts less accurate and dulling your blade.


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