Find the OLFA® handle that works best for you


With four sizes of blades, from 18mm to 60mm, plus eight different handle styles, there’s something that will match everyone’s needs. Besides the traditional OLFA® yellow, some of our handles come in special colors that will enhance your décor. Designed for either left-hand or right-hand use by reversing the assembly of the blade. All OLFA® cutters come with a hang hole for easy storage.

  • 18mm cutter – perfect for cutting small shapes, English Paper Piecing, making hexagons, or anywhere you need to get into a tight spot. This uses an 18mm blade.

  • 28mm cutter – good size for trimming blocks or paper piecing steps, and miniature quilts. Works well with a 6”x8” rotary cutting mat. This uses a 28mm blade.

  • 45mm cutter – a traditional size used by most sewers and crafters. It can cut up to eight layers of cotton fabric, fewer layers of wool or plush fabric. This cutter uses a 45mm blade. The Classic 45mm Straight Handle (RTY-2/G) is the original rotary cutter.  It also comes in the Quick Change™ handle (RTY-2/NS), as well as Ergonomic handle (RTY=2/DX). The Ergonomic handle is the only one that can accommodate OLFA®’s decorative blades – wave, scallop, and pinking.
  • 60mm cutter – use for making cuts on thicker fabric or up to twelve layers of cotton fabric. This cutter uses a 60mm blade. It comes in both the Classic 60mm Straight Handle (RTY-3/G) or the Ergonomic Handle (RTY-3/DX).

  • Ergonomic Handle – offering a comfortable grasp to reduce hand fatigue. With a curved handle and anti-slip rubber grip, it helps you hold the cutter easily. The handle squeezes to expose the blade and retracts automatically for safety. The blade can be locked to expose it completely or to keep the blade from becoming engaged. Available in 45mm or 60mm size.
  • Quick-Change Handle Deluxe (RTY-2/NS) – The deluxe version, for safety, half the blade is exposed at one time. The two-step blade change allows you to change the blade quickly with reduced assembly. The handle is contoured for a comfortable grip and cushioned with anti-slip rubber. 


  • Quick-Change Handle (RTY-2/C) - Our standard Quick-Change has the contoured handle with with integrated finger groves and a single blade cover for safety. This handle comes in a series bright and fun colors.