Using a rotary cutter properly is the key to safe cutting

  • Always use an OLFA® cutting mat and ruler to keep your cutting surface from becoming damaged. The mat will also keep your fabric or paper from shifting as you cut. Our
  • Clear your cutting mat of excess fabric, pins, or other obstacles that can damage your blade or cause injury.
  • Cut away from yourself, never toward yourself.
  • When you hold the cutter, wrap your hand around the handle, placing your index finger on the ridged portion of the cutter above the blade. Placing one hand on your ruler, with fingers away from the edge, press down and follow the edge of the ruler until you complete your cut.
  • Automatically close the cutter when you complete a cut. OLFA® handles make it easy to do this. Never lay a cutter down on a surface with the blade extended. 
  • Adjust your cutting surface height so that you are looking down on the lines of your ruler and can cut accurately without having to readjust. Sitting while cutting isn’t recommended.
  • Stand up and maintain good posture. To reduce stress on your arms and back, especially when cutting many pieces, try bending from your hips. Bending over a cutting surface that is too low will cause fatigue in your arms, shoulders, and back.
  • Replace blades when they are showing signs of wear.
  • Keep rotary cutters out of the reach of children. Use one of our locking handles, RTY-2/DX or RTY-3/DX Ergonomic handles, if you have these concerns.