Why OLFA for Each Trade

It may seem obvious, but when we talk about tools of the trade we have to remember they differ based on the craft. Why? Because each tool has to be the right one for the work at hand. For some trades, the focus is on durability, for other trades the main focus could be sharpness. With so many important trades to consider, we consulted with our experienced team of OLFA Pro All-Stars. They lend their experience on how OLFA hand tools help them in their everyday jobs.  


Trade: Electrician

Tools used by electricians need to be durable and sharp. Because of the many materials they cut (e.g. cables, cardboard, plastic strapping, Styrofoam), OLFA utility knives come in handy with their always sharp snap-off blades. Snapping a blade allows for an instant sharp edge the second you snap the dull segment of the blade. This creates a convenient and fast blade change system.


Trade: Woodworking

When it comes to woodworking, it’s important to look for a good set of tools that will allow you to produce top-notch detailed work. Comfortable handles are also key for the best results. OLFA ergonomic handles (right size, low weight, anti-slip contoured grip) coupled with secure locking mechanisms provide all day comfort while cutting.

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OLFA NA-1 Utility Knife  OLFA MXP-L Utility Knife


Trade: Carpentry/Construction

Carpenters are skilled craftsmen who work in the construction and cabinet making industry. They usually take care of many tasks at once and switch projects regularly. Productivity is a top priority for them, looking for tools that can help them do a lot, but also save time. Offering durability, comfort, and sharpness, OLFA ensures that professionals using these tools can reduce daily hand stress while still being multi-purpose.

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 25mm H-1 Classic Rubber Grip Extra Heavy-Duty Utility Knife

OLFA-SK-4-Semi-Auto-Self-Retracting-Safety-Knife  OLFA 60mm SCR-L Multi-Purpose Scraper

 Trade: Painting

Painting typically involves a lot of moving around, so it’s important to find tools that are easy to carry while being safe. OLFA manufactures its tools with that in mind. Not only can they fit into painters’ pockets easily, they are also lightweight (hence the choice of fiberglass for many of them). The locking mechanisms (whether auto or ratchet-lock) ensure that the knife stays safely locked while in a pocket.

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OLFA SK-16 Safety Knife

Trade: Flooring/Carpet

Cutting floor tile or carpet is a physically demanding task. That’s why having a dedicated snap-off utility knife provides the control and ability to slice all types of materials easily and accurately. OLFA ultra-sharp black blades are an ideal choice for flooring professionals. Undergoing a double-honing process, these snap-off blades are 25% sharper than OLFA’s standard silver blades and are exclusively designed for applications requiring superior sharpness.

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OLFA 18mm MXP-L Utility Knife OLFA SK-16 Safety Knife

OLFA 45-C Roller Materials Cutter



Trade: HVAC

Every good HVAC technician should have sharp blades and a utility knife. Whether they are cutting open boxes full of new parts, scraping gasket material, or stripping wires in a pinch, a sharp knife is a must-have. And because this trade often involves working outside in harsh weather conditions, it’s important to have a tool that is as durable as possible. The durable OLFA stainless-steel support channels maintains blade position, while the fiberglass body of the tool withstands the wear and tear of the job.

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OLFA 25mm X-Design XH-AL and XH-1 Utility Knives   OLFA OLFA 9mm XA-1 Fiberglass Precision Knife with Ultra-Sharp Black Snap-Off Blade 

      OLFA SK-16 Safety Knife


High-quality hand tools can make all the difference in the world to ensure the job is done right. Knowing the specific needs of each trade will impact how professionals choose their tools. With a little bit of research (and OLFA’s help), you’re sure to find the perfect tools for your next project. 


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