OLFA Tools for Flooring

Not having the right tools can turn whole projects into disasters. It can be even worse for flooring jobs, as they are the foundation of homes and buildings. Whether you are working with carpeting, linoleum, or something else, flooring installations can be a lot smoother with the right tools and equipment.

To help in your search for the best tools, we have connected with experienced flooring installer and OLFA Pro All-Star Frankie Da Silva (@fhdpaintingandflooring). He has curated a list of recommended OLFA tools that can take your flooring project to the next level.

Man using OLFA LA-X knife to cut carpet flooring 


What Are the Top 3 OLFA Tools You Use for Flooring?

OLFA 18mm MXP-L Die-Cast Aluminum Handle Ratchet Knife

With a stainless-steel channel that supports an ultra-sharp black blade, this knife is ideal for trimming carpet and cutting laminates, linoleum, and plastic sheeting. When it comes to flooring, you’ll find yourself working on your hands and knees— more exposed to potential injuries. That’s why it’s important to use tools designed with safety in mind. The OLFA MXP-L features a brass locking pin that maintains the blade position repeatedly. With this tool, you not only have precise cuts but also know your fingers are always safe.

 OLFA 18mm MXP-L Utility Knife

OLFA SK-16 Quick-Change Concealed Blade Safety Knife

This safety knife is the perfect combination of power and safety. I use it often for underlayment cutting and opening flooring. What I also appreciate about the design of this tool is the quick-change blade release system. Oftentimes, blade changes need extra tools and you may waste precious time in the process. The SK-16 makes blade changing simple and efficient. Simply pull back on the red button to release and remove the used blade. Then place the new one in and you’re ready to keep cutting.

OLFA SK-16 Safety Knife


OLFA 45-C Roller Materials Cutter

When it’s time to cut linoleum, carpet, landscape fabric, or paper, you need a tool that ensures sharp cutting lines, while making the cutting quicker and easier. This is when the OLFA roller materials cutter comes in handy. The heavy-duty ABS handle of this cutter offers a large grip that is comfortable and easy to push, even when wearing gloves (which you’ll always be wearing when doing flooring jobs). This tool comes with a sharp tungsten steel rotary blade with 12 cutting points, so you can work for a long time with fewer blade changes. 

OLFA 45-C Roller Materials Cutter


Do You Wear Any Other Equipment While on The Job? 

Whatever type of flooring you’re working with, you should always wear safety protection gear, such as glasses, gloves, and kneepads for comfort. If I’m installing hardwood and LVP, I also wear a belt or knife pouch so it’s easier for me to access the tools. I can’t stress this enough: safety is top priority for flooring professionals. This is because of how you work, and the countless different motions of the body involved.


How Do You Choose the Tools?

I choose my tools based on the project at hand. Whether carpet flooring, tile, hardwood, vinyl or laminate, the types of tools will change. But what I appreciate about OLFA tools is the reliability that comes with them– no matter the materials. Durability is extremely important, especially with tools that you’ll be using every day and that you need to last. I recommend these to all my fellow flooring installers!



A well-fitted floor installed with high-quality tools and made with excellent materials will deliver many faithful years of service. For more information on the recommended tools for the trades, read our Trades Guide and share about your favorite OLFA knife on social to be featured on our page.


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