Valentine's Crossbody Bag

Designer: Mary Stanley

Instagram: @whatmommamakesig



Tools and Supplies Needed:


While thrifting last month I found this single quilted pillow sham from Pottery Barn with a little stain on the front. I grabbed it initially thinking I could work some stain remover charm and then use it on one of our beds, but the stain was stubborn and never came out for me. So upcycling time it is! I’ll be using both the quilted front (as the main fabric) and the back lining for my purse lining, so step one of repurposing is to separate these layers so I can use them both.



Now onto the pattern!


  1. First off we need to create our heart for our main pieces of our bag. I don’t know if you remember in school, folding over a piece of paper in half and creating a heart out of it – that’s exactly what we are going to do! From the bottom of your fold, measure over 1.5” and that will be the bottom edge of your “heart”. From the centerfold measure straight up 6.75” and that will be the point of your heart. The widest part of your heart will measure approximately 4” over from the fold, and the very top of your heart will be approximately 7.75” from the bottom.



 In the end your heart should look similar to this once you unfold your paper.



  1. Now that we have our heart “pattern” we can cut out our pieces. You will need 4 hearts (2 of your main fabric and 2 of a lining fabric).


  1.  You will also need 4 rectangle pieces cut at 2” x 42” – but keep in mind, this is for a 10 year old girl size. You can shorten or lengthen these pieces as much as you need for whomever you’re sewing for. If you would like tulle or lace detail along the top of your heart edge, you would also need to cut that piece at approximately 40” long. Here I hadn’t decided yet if I was going to add the trim to the top of the heart in the pink tulle or the pink stripe ruffle…so I have both shown here ;).





  1. If you have chosen to add a trim to your heart front piece now would be the time to add that onto your heart main. To do this, pin it around the edge and then baste in place.



  1. Starting at the bottom flat edge of your heart, measure up 5” and mark it – on both sides. Pin the top of one your heart main pieces to the top of one of your heart lining layers together with the right sides touching only to the pinned mark. Sew.



  1. Now be sure to trim back your seam allowance in half and cut down into the point of your heart as close as possible – your 5” applique scissors are perfect for carefully cutting this point.



  1. Flip right side out and topstitch only on this section you just sewed.



  1. Now we will join these two pieces together along the raw edges. If you are using regular fabric, I would recommend doing French seams here. If you aren’t sure how to create a French seam, you can view my previous blog for details, here.


If you are using a quilted fabric like me, then simply sewing with right sides together and then serging or zig zag stitching is best for enclosing these seams – as the quilted fabric gets to be very think when doubled over.



  1. Now we will create our strap pieces. On 4 of the short ends we are going to cut a 45 degree angle into them using your OLFA mat and clear ruler – don’t you love how these angles are marked/measured for us on the mats?



  1. Now we will join two of these pieces together – place right sides together and pin all the way around, leaving about 2.5 – 3 inches open right at the middle to allow for turning. Sew around the 4 edges, leaving open your middle gap for turning, and then trim back your seam allowance in half.



  1. Repeat with remaining 2 pieces so that you end up with 2 straps.



  1. Now you can flip them both right side out and then topstitch all the way around them, which encloses your 3” opening.



  1. Now we are going to attach these two ties to our heart bag. To do this, turn your bag inside out measure from the enclosed edge down 1.5” and clip your straight end of one of your straps around that hemmed edge, sew with ¼” seam allowance. Repeat for 2nd



  1. Our last step is going to be to topstitch from were we just attached our side ties, up to the tallest point on the top of the heart and stop there. You’ll be sewing directly on top of a topstitched line that is there but this time it will be connecting the front and back piece while leaving a hole in the middle for access.



And VOILA! You have now created a sweet little crossbody bag for all of those sweet valentines notes and a few candy goodies as well.