The Essential Accessories Bag…For Men!

Guest Designer: Scorpio Uzuh

Instagram: @sinsofmany

Size: 8in x 6in (without shoulder strap)


Be sure to also check out our interview with Scorpio Uzu here.


This is a man’s world…well that’s what they tell us! Yet, somehow, I can’t find a decent pattern for an accessory bag that is both stylish, that is NOT a tote bag and something I can carry most of my essential notions in. So, I just decided to make one of my own. Keep in mind this is my first time constructing one, and I self-drafted the whole thing! Enjoy the process!



Materials and Tools:



  1. Cut (5) rectangles out of the leather fabric and (1) rectangle of the lining fabric measuring 8” x 6” using the OLFA rotary cutter. To make it easier to keep up what each rectangle would be used for, I labeled each accordingly:
  • (1) - Zipper Pocket (Front Piece)
  • (1) - Back Piece
  • (1) - Pocket Bag*** (Lining Fabric)
  • (1) - Outside Pocket
  • (2) - Inside Pocket



          Note: If not using lining, cut (6) rectangles out of main leather fabric
          2. Round the edges of each rectangle piece using a French curve sewing ruler.



          3. Cut (1) 33” x 3” long piece of main fabric (to be used for gusset).



          4. Cut (2) 65” x 3” long pieces of main fabric (to be used for shoulder strap).




            Assembling Front Piece

            1. Outline and cut welt pocket box on zipper pocket rectangle.


              2. Insert zipper, hold in place, and using a zipper foot, stitch around welt pocket box, securing zipper in place.


                3. Double fold .5in at top of inside pocket pieces and outside pocket, then stitch.



                  4. In this order: Place wrong side of (1) inside pocket piece, to right side of pocket bag piece, then layer the front piece on top of the pocket bag, wrong sides facing each other. Baste stitch through all layers at 1/4in seam allowance.


                    5. Stitch ends of gusset piece together, right sides facing each other.
                    6. Using front piece, pin gusset to it, stretching the front piece to fit. Stitch using 3/8in seam allowance. Serge.


                      7. Place a mark on the gusset where it is level with the front zipper. Construct a welt pocket box the length of the gusset, from one mark to the next.


                        8. Pocket box should last from one end of front zipper to the other end.


                            Assembling Main Zipper

                            1. Place zipper in box, stitch around pocket box securing the zipper and being careful not to catch ends of front or back pieces.



                                Assembling Shoulder Strap

                                1. With right sides facing, stitch the 2 pieces for the shoulder strap together, serge, then turn them right side out and top stitch.


                                  2. At each end, turn in 1in and baste stitch. This will serve as attachment piece to sides of bag.
                                  3. Position ends of strap about .5in below zipper on the gusset piece, pin, then stitch in place, securing shoulder straps.



                                      Assembling Back Piece

                                      1. In this order: Place wrong side of outside pocket to right side of back piece, then place inside pocket on top of back piece, wrong sides facing.
                                      2. Baste stitch through all layers.



                                        3. Pin open side of gusset to back piece, right sides facing, stretching to fit. Stitch using 3/8in seam allowance. Serge.



                                          Be sure to check out our interview with Scorpio Uzu here.