Reusable Gift Wrapping

Designer: Mary Stanley

Instagram: @whatmommamakesig



Tools and Supplies Needed:


As the year winds down, I always make a point of trying to use up my scrap fabric from projects to the best of my ability – starting the new year with a cleaned-out scrap bin is always a great feeling! My last blog post showed how to use up those tiny fabric scraps for creating a stuffie, check it out here. Today we will be using some of our larger scrap pieces and lace/bias tape leftovers to create REUSABLE wrapping paper!! Hooray for no-waste gift wrapping AND using up fabric scraps!!



So let's get started! First off you will need to measure the length and width of your item you are wanting to wrap. This wooden box I am wrapping measures 9”x 9”.  Now we will take each of those measurements and multiply them by 2.5. Which gives me the length and width measurements for cutting out my fabric – in this case I’ll need a 22.5”x 22.5” square.


You will also want to cut 2 lace or bias pieces to the size you would like for your ties. You can cut these the length you prefer, and I like big, long, bows so I’m cutting my red bias for my smaller package at 14” long and the lace for my bigger package at 19” long.



Next, we are going to enclose all 4 of our raw edges. My favorite way to do this step is to sew a basting stitch ¼” away from the edge, which gives me a quick guideline.



Then you will turn up that raw edge by the ¼” and iron, and then turn it once more by the ¼” and iron flat.  Do not sew this edge just yet. 



Now we are going to clip in our lace or bias tape into 2 opposing corners. 



Now we can go ahead and sew around all 4 edges, to secure our folded edge.  Be sure your lace or bias tape doesn’t slip out as you are sewing around those 2 corners.  Then you will flip your lace or bias tape out so that it’s trailing away from your fabric.


From the right side of your fabric, with your lace or bias pulled away, you will topstitch along the stitch line you already have there, to secure your lace/bias tape in place.



And now we get to wrap!! First off, you’ll lay your wrapping fabric down with the wrong side facing up and on a diagonal. Place your item in the middle and bring in both of the corners that do not have the lace or bias tape.



Then we will fold in the two edges with the lace and pull them tightly to create a basic knot here.



Now you can tie your bow right on top and VOILA! Reusable Gift Wrapping!!