Fox Stuffie From Fabric Scraps!

Designer: Mary Stanley

Instagram: @whatmommamakesig



Tools and Supplies Needed:



It’s that time of the year to start planning out gifts, and homemade gifts are always some of my favorites! Combine that with a pattern that is a MAJOR scrap buster and I call that a win! I don’t know about you, but I’m always holding on to my awkward scrap pieces because I just can’t throw them away, and a stuffie pattern is the PERFECT way to use up those scraps. Even the super skinny pieces can easily be used for arms/legs or overlays on stuffies! 


So let's get to work! We will be using the Fiona Fox pattern from Violette Field Threads. Their stuffie patterns are definitely my favorite - check out their large collection, including a wolf, pig, bunny, lamb and more! We will be following along with their amazing instructions, so definitely read over those before beginning the project to familiarize yourself with the seam allowance, etc.



First off, we are going to be cutting out all of our pieces! Stuffies can have lots of little pieces for their face details and arm/leg overlays and you will find that both your 28mm rotary cutter and 5-inch applique scissors come in extremely handy for these little pieces! You should end up with a pile similar to this once you are done:



You’ll also want to be sure to cut your batting that is needed for the tail (and I also do it for the ears as well) and your fusible web pieces.



Now we will be adding the overlays onto the face. This pattern includes lots of options for eyes, and optional cheeks as well so you can really play around with how you will like your stuffie to look. I chose to omit the cheeks as I didn’t want to cover up the floral print that I love in this fabric. So, you will layer your fusible web in between the main fabric and your overlay pieces and give them a good press. (Optionally, if you don’t have that you can use hem tape as well, which is what I did here). After pressing, then you will follow the instructions in the pattern for sewing on top of your face pieces.



Now you will decide which eye option you’d like to do. Like I said, this Fiona Fox pattern includes 4 eye options: Knot Eyes, Embroidered Eyes, Overlay Eyes, and Vinyl Eyes. I have done all of them in previous years and love them all. But this time I actually wanted to try using this lace I have with the black edge to look like closed eyes/eyelashes. I just love when a stuffie has lots of details for kiddos to play with. 



Now we will be sewing together our ear pieces and then adding our ears onto the top of the prepared face. I added batting in mine, once again I like the added texture for a kiddo to feel the difference, and I like how it helps the ears to stand up more like a fox.



Now that our ears are attached, we will be working on our arms, legs and tail. We will first add our overlay pieces onto the front pieces for each arm, leg, and the tail. Using the fusible web or hem tape to secure the overlays first, and then sew on top of them the same way we did with the face overlays.



Next, we will place the back arm and leg pieces and back tail piece on top of the front arm and leg pieces and tail piece and sew around the outside edges, leaving the top straight edge open for turning.



After sewing, you can clip your seam allowance and turn your pieces right-side out. 



Now, it’s time to get to stuffing!! Remember to follow along with the pattern instructions for how to stuff and how much to leave at the top of the pieces. We are first just going to be stuffing the arms and legs. The tail is not stuffed, but does have the batting inside.



Once we have the legs and the arms stuffed, we will add the tail onto the back pattern piece. If you love including a tag stating it’s handmade like I do, this tail piece is my favorite spot to put them!



Next up we are assembling the body, starting with attaching the back piece and the front piece- right-sides together- just until below the neckline. Remember to follow pattern instructions for details on how far to stitch down.



Continuing with the body, we will add the arms first and then add the legs next.



Now we get to stuff the stuffie!!



Lastly, you will follow the instructions in the pattern for closing up the bottom of your little fox!



And voila! You’ve got yourself an adorable little fox stuffie – perfect for Christmas gifts, baby showers, birthday gifts or just a fun way to use up scraps you’ve got on hand!



I would love to see any cuties you make with this pattern – or any other stuffies for that matter! So don’t forget to tag me @whatmommamakesig so I can follow along!