Make a Duster With Me!

Designer: Marcia Spencer

Instagram: @keechiibstyle



Here’s an easy Stretch knit duster pattern that I'm sure you will love! Dusters are great pieces for transition weather and seasons like Spring and Fall. They also make great beginner projects because they don’t have any closures and there are only a few pieces to construct. Get the link to the FREE Pattern below and check out my quick tutorial on how to construct this stretch knit duster,

Free Pattern Link:  Unfettered -Long Open Cardigan

Tool & Supplies needed:


OLFA 24 X 36 Self Healing Rotary Mat

OLFA 45 mm Rotary Cutter

OLFA 5 Inch Serrated Edge Scissors

OLFA 1 x 12 inch Acrylic Ruler


8 ½  x 18 ½  Stretch knit fabric




Use your Olfa rotary cutter and Olfa mat to cut the pattern pieces out.                       

Sewing Instructions

With the right sides together, pin the front shoulders to the back shoulders applying clear tape.


Attach the right side of the sleeve to the sleeve opening matching raw edges and notches. Pin. Stitch.

With right sides facing Pin and Stitch front sides to back sides, underneath the arm and down the side of the duster stopping about 9 inches from the bottom hem edge.

Create side slits as shown in previous How to Add Side Slit tutorial

Sew the bands together on one short side.

Fold band lengthwise matching raw edges.

With right sides together, line up raw edges of band with raw edges of duster matching the neck seams., Pin and stitch band to duster.

Stop about 6 inches from the bottom hem.

Trim seams and Press band seam allowance towards garment

To close up the remaining 6 inch seam, Pin and stitch the opening leaving top band free of stitch.

To finish bottom hem, turn back bottom of the band so that right sides are matching and the raw edges are lined up.Pin.

Stitch across the bottom of the band hem with ¾  seam allowance, stopping at the band seam. Trim.

Turn the band right side out.

Turn up hem of the duster ¾ inch and zig zag stitch along the top edge of the duster hem..

Edge stitch the band seam to the duster, stitching about ¼ from the seam a long the front of the duster.

Finish sleeve hem by turning under raw edge ¾ inch and applying zig zag stitch along edge of hem.

Give your seams and hems a press if you haven’t already.

Voila! You're done.