How To Add Pant Slits

Designer: Marcia Spencer

Instagram: @keechiibstyle




I love adding extra details to my projects. Something as easy as adding quick and easy slits to the seams of your pants can spice them up and make them more modern. Check out how I added slits to the hem of these simple knit trousers. This method can be added to a finished pair of pants or to your next pants project.





*You can use your favorite pant pattern for this tutorial or a pair of existing pants that you want to update*






  1. On the outer seam of your pants, measure and mark the length of the slit opening at the bottom of the side seam.



2. If you are constructing a new pair of pants, sew the side seams to the mark.
3. You can finish the raw edges of the slit or turn them under for this project.

* I will be finishing my edges with a serger for this project.



4. Cut a piece of stitch witchery fusible tape the length of the slit.



5. Then apply it to the wrong side of the slits. Fold over slit edges ½ inch. Press to fuse.



6. Top stitch close to the raw edge of the folded hem of slit, making sure to pivot at the top corners. Press.



7. Finish the hem of the pant the same way the raw edges of the slit was finished. I have finished my edges with a serger and folded it over ½ inch. (If you don't have a serger you can turn the hem under twice). Adding fusible hem tape or interfacing helps.
8. Top stitch folded edge and Press.

9. Complete these steps to both sides of your pants



Voila! You're done.