OLFA X-Design Series Fiberglass Utility Knives


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Painters know that OLFA Ultra-Sharp Black Snap Blades are the Industry standard for precision cutting. These double-honed blades are up to 25% sharper than a standard silver blades* delivering superior performance for masking and paint preparation. That is why the OLFA ABB-50B is a must-have in any paint supplies planogram. 


By adding a few simple additions to your planogram, most distributors realize an increase sales by 15%

1. ABB-50B 9mm Ultra-Sharp Black Snap Blade, pack of 50 - as stated above, this 50-pack of replacement snap blades is the industry standard and a must have in any paint department assortment. 

2. ABB-10B 9mm Ultra-Sharp Black Snap Blade, pack of 10 - not everyone needs a contractor pack size and this 10-pack addition of Ultra-Sharp Blades accommodates users with less demand. 

3. XA-1 9mm Precision Knife - This 9mm handle offers an ergonomic design for comfort with a rubber grip for control. This precision tool comes preloaded with an Ultra-Sharp Black Blade. The blade is supported by a stainless-steel channel to maintain accurate cutting.

Easily snap the blade segment with the included pocket clip. Easy, tool-free blade changes allow for working uninterrupted.

Use for masking applications, wallpaper, plastic sheeting, and opening boxes. 

OLFA XA-1 9mm Fiberglass Precision Knife

4. LA-X 18mm Heavy-Duty Utility Knife - This 18mm knife automatically locks firmly in place and offers a new sharp edge every time you need it. The stainless-steel housing extends through the handle to keep the blade in place under pressure, adding rugged stability and jobsite performance. The chemically resistant handle is reinforced with fiberglass and built to work. 

The metal pick adds versatility to scrape, pull, or pry difficult material. An ergonomic wraparound rubber grip reduces stress on hands and prevents slips for a perfect cut.

As always , no tools are required to change the snap blade, simply snap for a new, sharp edge.

Use for masking applications, trim, opening paint cans, removing staples, flooring protection, tape, and opening boxes. 

5. LBB-10B 18mm Ultra-Sharp Black Snap Blade, pack of 10 - similar to the 9mm snap blade, the 18mm version delivers up to 25% more sharpness than silver blades. These heavy-duty blades tackle tough cutting with precision detail.  


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Add these five proven winners to your paint department and watch your sales grow by up to 15%!





* Based on independent testing, OLFA Ultra-Sharp Black Blades were up to 25% sharper than standard OLFA silver blades.

** Based on reported results from independent store owners/operators.