Lucas D'Angelo

Lucas D'Angelo 

Carpenter & Fabricator

I am a carpenter and fabricator based out of Eastern MA and love to work with both wood and metal. I am also a vintage machinery enthusiast and really enjoy the process of restoring/rebuilding antique tools and machinery. Whether it's trimming out a room or machining replacement parts for a restoration, I'm always up for a challenge and love problem solving.  
Amanda Brown

Chris Milton

Red Seal Carpenter

I'm a Jack of all trades, master of one. No matter the size of project, I will tackle it. It’s the oddly satisfying things that get us all in a daze, and you can see that throughout my content along with new and unique tools. I'm a loving husband to Ashley and a father to my beautiful daughter Ivy. I want you all to remember: mistakes are just another word for EXPERIENCE and confidence is key. 

Aron Jones

Site Supervisor, Lead Carpenter & Mentor

I’m a Red Seal carpenter. I have been in the trade since 1999. Before that, I spent time in the Canadian Armed Forces. I’ve been fortunate to experience all aspects of the trade: residential, commercial and industrial. I enjoy new footing to finish builds, and the challenge of renovating an old house. I am fortunate to be able to mentor and teach the next generation. I’m a huge advocate for the rising apprentice.
Carla Peicheff

Andrew King

Commercial Building Engineer

As a building engineer you'll find me bouncing across several job fields. I may be doing plumbing repairs today and drywall, electrical or painting tomorrow. Outside of work I am a hobbyist woodworker and a tool reviewer. I love spending time with my kids, a steady flow of caffeine and watching baseball. 
Felie Hempfling

Desmond Tse

Remodeler & Carpenter

As a self taught siding installer who works alone, I am constantly seeking ways to make every task a bit more efficient. I'm not afraid to think outside the box and try new ways of doing things. Fun fact: the oldest tool in my daily carry is a 25mm Olfa knife that was given to me by an OLFA rep over 15 years ago.
Jessica Lawson

Luke Riemer


 I love building things and problem solving. Avid golfer, fishermen, musician, carpenter, leather smith, father of 4 and husband of 1. I’m also quite into fitness and my favourite quote is by David Miles, “I’m getting old, but I’m not old yet”. I long to have everyone I know feel honoured and respected, and I desire to always make better, and give support to, that which I have any influence over.  

Nate Adams

HVAC/R and Woodworker

I’m a hobby woodworker and maker. I love working with my hands and I’m not afraid to take on something new. I’m a sales professional in the HVAC/R trade for my day job. For the last 20 years I’ve been on all sides of the business: wholesale, manufacturing and now a manufactures rep working with contractors weekly. The love of tools, fixing things and working with my hands came from my Dad and I thank him for that!
Randa Roberts

Jacob Garrett

"Jake" of All Trades

My day to day is all over the spectrum. I can go from running wire in an attic to trimming excess filament from a 3D print. I love working on cars, woodworking, metal fabrication, and using my hands and mind whenever a project falls in my lap. Whether it’s trimming edge banding and veneers or cutting sheathing off of wire, I am right at home in just about any shop.
Sara Gozzo

Alvin Goh

Residential Framing Contractor

I’m Alvin from Living Legends Construction Inc. We are residential framing contractors in Edmonton, Alberta Canada area.  I love what I do after a day of framing you can look back at what you did and actually see progress, it’s Instant gratification plus since is was a kid I’ve always loved tools, tools and more tools… I don’t get that wearing a suit and tie. 
Scott Hansen

Jim Hineline


Hey everyone, Jim here from the greater Chicago area. I’m a trade butcher of over 10 year with a love for woodworking. In my shop I enjoy turning wood on my lathe, building furniture and restoring old tools among other things. I have two children and another one due in about a month. I am excited to be back apart of the Olfa Pro All Stars! I love Olfa knives and can’t wait to show them off along the way!

James West


My father, the original James West, inspired me to be a welder. At age 12 he handed me the mig gun for my first lesson and I was instantly hooked. I have gained diverse experience in the industry over my 20+ year career. As the owner of James West Welding, I strive to showcase the passion I have for the industry, looking for ways to inspire current and future welders. I reside in Syracuse, NY. I'm married with 3 kids. I enjoy spending time with my family, playing with my pitbulls, riding my motorcycles, & collecting Star Wars helmets.

Jessica Bannister

 HVAC/R Apprentice

I am a Level 3 HVAC/R Apprentice in Vancouver, BC. I work with my dad and brother in commercial and light industrial air conditioning and refrigeration. I love my trade because there is always something new to learn and a challenge to overcome. I am currently the President of Women in HVAC/R Canada- an organization that brings awareness, education to women in HVAC-related roles. I am addicted to social media and you can find me on Instagram every day.