Your OLFA Tools for Construction

Construction tools are an essential element in the life of any expert who works in the industry. Having the right tools allows building professionals to perform their tasks quickly, efficiently and especially safely. With the help of OLFA trained specialists, we have gathered a list of OLFA tools that are a must-have on every construction worksite.


OLFA X-Design Family  

The OLFA X-Design Family is the flagship of OLFA. Each knife in the X-Design suite features a fiberglass-reinforced handle with wraparound rubber-grip for all day comfort. All the knives also offer a stainless-steel housing that extends the length of the handle to maintain the blade position. This adds rugged stability for any heavy-duty projects. **All X-Design 18mm and 25mm handles are available with either auto-lock or ratchet-lock options. 



The X-Design 18mm knives are well-suited for heavy-duty applications, such as opening boxes, removing staples, cutting flooring protection, tape and plastic sheeting. These are the knives that you need in your everyday work without even realizing it. 

The OLFA 18mm L-5 and LA-X Fiberglass Utility Knives are recommended for construction applications. In addition to offering the well-known (and loved) features of the X-Design family, these two knives feature a metal pick at the back end of the handle. This comes in handy when construction tasks threaten the blade’s sharp edge. You can use the pick to open cans, scrape, pull, or pry any difficult material. 



The X-Design 25mm knives are what we call extra-heavy duty. In particular, both the OLFA XH-1 and XH-AL Fiberglass-Reinforced Utility Knives are great for heavier cutting with more leverage. These knives come with an oversized handle to slash through any hardy materials. From cutting carpet to house wrap, laminates, insulations, gaskets, tape, rope, turf and much more.

OLFA 25mm X-Design XH-AL and XH-1 Utility Knives  

OLFA 25mm H-1 Classic Rubber Grip Extra Heavy-Duty Utility Knife

The OLFA 25mm H-1 Utility Knife belongs to the OLFA Classic Family. As the name suggests, this knife is the ultimate extra-heavy-duty tool. To ensure comfort and grip (even in damp and humid conditions), the H-1 knife features an anti-slip rubber insert in the handle, which is made of robust ABS plastic for extra leverage. The stainless-steel blade channel supports the blade for a cutter made to last. This knife is good for cutting cardboard, corrugated carpet, cement board, drywall, house wrap and more.

 25mm H-1 Classic Rubber Grip Extra Heavy-Duty Utility Knife

OLFA 40mm GSR-2 Stainless Steel Blade Mini Glass Scraper 

The OLFA GSR-2 Scraper is a compact scraper tool that features a fiberglass-reinforced handle that is strong while being lightweight. The anti-slip rubber grip helps it feel solid, secure and comfortable in the hand. This scraper also comes with a storage case that is built-in the handle– so you never have to worry about losing your dull blades and injuring yourself. This scraper is ideal for removal of materials on windows, wood, table tops and stove tops.


OLFA SK-4 Semi-Automatic Self-Retracting Safety Knife

The OLFA SK-4 Safety Knife is that one safety knife that is simply great to have in your tool-box whenever a safety knife is required. With a self-retracting blade, a powerful stainless-steel return spring and a textured design, this safety knife helps minimize accidents at work, while still allowing you to use it in heavy-duty projects. It is ideal to cut foam, Tyvek, corrugated cardboard and to score (not cut) drywall.


OLFA SK-15 and SK-16 Concealed Blade Safety Knives

 Both the OLFA SK-15 and SK-16 Safety Knives are crafted with a durable fiberglass-reinforced handle that handles tough environments. The blade is concealed, which ensures you don’t get hurt whether you’re using the knife or carrying it around. These knives also feature non-slip grooves that provide a comfortable and secure grip. The SK-16 also offers a metal tape splitter at the end of the handle, which can be used to slice materials instead of the blade. These OLFA safety knives are ideal for specialty cutting, and can be used on cable ties, flooring protection, plastic strapping band, stretch film and rubber sheeting.


OLFA Blades: Silver and Black  

We’ve talked a lot of utility and safety knives, but what about the right blades for construction? Although OLFA offers many types of blades for your cutting needs, there are two types that stand out for construction applications: the silver and black snap-off blades.

Silver Snap-Off Blades

These blades are great for clean cuts on most materials such as paper, cardboard, vinyl, and more. They’re also good when working with gritty materials like drywall and asphalt shingles. 

Black Snap-Off Blades

Made of double-honed carbon tool steel, these heavy-duty and exceptionally sharp blades are perfect for those precision cuts or materials like foam, where you need the blade to glide. The 25% sharper blade* tackles rubber, rope, carpeting, vinyl, expansion board, laminates and so on. (*compared to standard silver blades)



As you continue to grow your career in the building trades, your toolbox will grow with you. There will be more (and different) tools that you will need, and OLFA has many options you can choose from— these also make great gifts for any current or aspiring builder in your life. 

Not in the construction trades? Keep following us to learn about our recommended tools for your specific trade.

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