TS-1 with Aron Jones: Cut Through Thin Materials Without Damaging Material Underneath

When job-site work requires cutting through thin materials without damaging the material underneath, the OLFA TS-1 Top Sheet Cutter is the best choice to keep on hand. In fact, Aron Jones said that this is his #1 use for the tool, and that he “would recommend it to anyone that works with membranes with release paper.”

Aron has been working full-time in the trade since 1999, and has kept the TS-1 with him for two years now. When asked for his top three uses of this knife on the jobsite, Aron said “If time is a factor you can dry in a roof using the TS-1 on the first row of membrane. Then go back and install the drip later. Other times in construction it is necessary to do somethings out of sequence. Whether it be for a window or a deck ledger. You can install everything, and go back later and finish the WRB.”

The TS-1 is perfect for tough jobs where accuracy is vital. Aron noted that “It allows you to move forward on a project, without sacrificing detailed overlaps of WP or WRB materials.” In addition to the TS-1’s precision, it’s an easy addition to your tool belt for its lightweight nature: “It is no bigger than a Carpenter pencil, extremely easy to carry.” Even replacing blades isn’t an issue for the TS-1, with Aron mentioning that he has only had to replace the blade “every 2 or 3 projects, I have only ever kept 1 or 2 spares onboard. 

The TS-1 has a main goal of preserving material while cutting only the top layer of your project, something it does “extremely” effectively. This knife is “light, quick, sleek” and when Aron was asked whether he would suggest it to his peers? “I highly recommend it! Even if it is only used once a year. Try it once, you will be sold.”

The TS-1 is designed for making precision cuts while avoiding puncturing the materials below the cut, featuring a rounded tip blade and a 'MIN' to 'MAX' range with automatic pressure control to maintain a precise depth throughout the cut. Put simply, thanks to Aron, "The TS-1 is nimble, and light weight. Try it and it will sell itself."


Aron Jones is a Red Seal carpenter who has been in the trade full time since 1999. He's been fortunate to experience all aspects of the trade, residential, commercial, and industrial. Aron enjoys new footing to finish builds, and the challenge of renovating an old house. He truly enjoys what he does, and considers himself fortunate to be able to mentor and teach the next generation. He is a huge advocate for the up and coming apprentice!