Tools You Need in Woodworking

Woodworking has different meanings to everyone. Some people view this as a hobby and a way to create useful and long-lasting pieces that allow them to let their creativity flow. For other people, this hobby can turn into a lifelong passion and even a career. This is what happened to Steven Clyde (@sc__creates), a professional custom designer and builder of furniture. But no matter if you’re a master craftsperson or a hobbyist, you need the must-have tools for woodworking. In this blog, we’ll cover which tools never leave Steven’s side when he works on his projects.

“I love shaping and creating furniture from a piece of wood. It means a lot to me to build pieces that I know other people will enjoy and use in their everyday life. When it comes to furniture making, it is important to choose your tools carefully, because they can really make a difference in the project you’re working on.

I personally choose the OLFA 9mm NA-1 Utility Knife and the OLFA 18mm MXP-AL Utility Knife. I’ve been using these tools for about 10 months and they have changed the way I work.

OLFA NA-1 Utility Knife  OLFA MXP-L Utility Knife

Thanks to their lightweight, locking mechanism and ideal size, I can carry them around easily and safely. I also really like their anti-slip grip, and how it tapers towards the blade. This allows me to get into those spots that are normally difficult to reach. I am always using these OLFA knives: from opening packages, to cutting sheets for packaging and cleaning up the splinters of wood in preparation of projects. I also use them to clean out the fibers and splinters in large slabs of wood. 

OLFA MXP-L Cutting and Carving a Piece of WoodMan holding a tool OLFA NA-1 Utility Knife

Something else that’s important in woodworking is safety. Whenever I’m working on a project, I am wearing thin rubber coated gloves, earbuds and eye protection. And OLFA tools are an importance piece in the puzzle to ensure safety. The ergonomic handle on both tools is wrapped with an anti-slip rubber grip for all day comfort and safety while cutting. In addition, these OLFA knives feature a stainless-steel channel that prevents the blade from slipping.

OLFA MXP-L Utility Knife and OLFA NA-1 Utility Knife on Piece of Wood

And when it comes to carving fine particulars on the wood, having the right blades is key. I really enjoy using the OLFA 9mm ABB Black Blades, which are made with premium carbon tool steel from Japan. I like the way they look, but most importantly, they are super sharp and they’re ideal for when precise, detailed cutting is required. When I pair my OLFA 9mm NA-1 knife with these razor-sharp blades, I can truly achieve anything. 

I've used a lot of knives and blades throughout my life, but the OLFA blades and knives are the best I've used so far. I would highly recommend them to all my fellow woodworkers!”. 

Steven Clyde Bio:

Steven is a professional custom designer and builder of furniture, custom home decor, and door hangers from Hurricane, Utah. His style is very modern, with a classy touch. He also enjoys making signs that bring joy and humor in their customers’ lives. “He’s just a small-town guy who loves to create”.