The Role of a Safety Consultant

Safety in the workplace should always be a top priority, especially if your team is handling tools. That is why a safety consultant plays a vital role in any workplace: they ensure proper use and handling of tools and prioritize the overall wellbeing of every worker.

We sat down with Cassie Alexander from Xendros Unlimited to get her insight as a safety consultant, and how this role empowers employees, workplaces, and more!


What made you want to become a safety consultant?

Safety lessons were all around me growing up. Eventually, my experience led me to a position where I took over as safety coordinator within a team, I really loved working with. During my time as safety coordinator, I witnessed many ill-informed and ill-advised things take place. A defining moment that made me realize how badly workers needed safety education was when a restaurant had a light fixture catch fire while I was out to dinner. The lack of emergency preparedness displayed by the staff set off alarm bells in my mind.

It wasn’t long after that I set out to bring my safety training to as many people as possible. I became enamored with the idea of making the workplace a safer place for myself and all those around me. 


What defines a good safety culture?

A good safety culture is a culture of trust and mutual respect. Psychological safety is key to building the most productive teams. This type of safety is achieved by every level of leadership working intentionally to create open communication within their teams.


What are the main tasks/duties of a safety consultant?

It very much depends on the day. Some days involve paperwork review and interviews, other days are spent training. As a business owner, I also spend time networking and supporting my local community.


What are the benefits of hiring a safety consultant?

Safety consultants are a second set of eyes and voices to amplify concerns and ensure business environments are as safe as possible. It's only natural that in the day-to-day of working within your business, you're too close to see issues that may be unsafe or hazardous. A fresh set of eyes can see things you may be unaware of or may have become accustomed to overlooking.


What are some examples of services safety consultants can provide, and to which industries?

Safety consultant services range from site audits, document reviews, training, and continuing education for all industries. All industries can benefit from safety consultants, but manufacturing, oil and gas, and construction are the industries that have a higher likelihood of seeking out a consultant. Technology and law firms can benefit from us too.

In all instances, a safety consultant can help you keep up with the ever-shifting regulations as well as implement training and documentation processes.


What makes a successful safety consultant?

Someone who can connect deeply with individuals to help them understand how powerful they are when it comes to keeping themselves safe.


Thank you, Cassie, for telling us about the crucial role safety consultants play across all industries! At OLFA, we provide a free safety consultation to ensure every person on your team knows how to properly handle their tools, minimize incidents, and optimize work processes. 

Learn how you can maximize your safety here.


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