The OLFA Advantage

Every tradesman knows the value a good knife can bring to the job. At OLFA, we are always thinking about making your job as simple as it can be. From the materials we choose to the design of our tools, to our innovative snap-off technology, OLFA makes cutting easy. In this article, we will outline why OLFA’s large family of knives gives you that competitive advantage you need for all your cutting tasks.

 Because every OLFA knife is designed to be durable, reliable, and always sharp.



Longevity, built to last.  

When we consider what durable means for you, we think of a knife that’s going to last beyond only the task at hand. That’s why we developed long-lasting technologies in every aspect of our tools. 

Take a look at our fiberglass-reinforced handles for example. We chose this material because we know that a good tradesman works in all types of weather and conditions. By selecting this material, we know that your tool won’t rust when exposed to harsh weather. As an added bonus, fiberglass is very lightweight, yet extremely strong.

But durability goes beyond building tools made of sturdy materials. Here at OLFA, we want your knife to last you a lifetime, which is why we have a limited lifetime warranty to cover our products. (For more information, please visit this page: OLFA Warranty).

OLFA Durable

In other words, durability is at the core of how OLFA operates. But don’t take it from us, here is what our OLFA Pro All-Stars had to say when asked what durable means to them.   

I have been using the same knife for 17 years, full time, and to me, that speaks of its durability.” - Desmond Tse, sider and carpenter. 

Durable means I can count on them, day in and day out. Durable means I will see them for a long time in my toolbox, on many projects and jobsites.” – John Diaz, painter and decorator. 

Durable means rugged, tough, and long lasting. Something that will withstand daily professional use without breaking and lasting for many tasks.” – John Vincent, electrician.



Consistent and repeatable results.

Reliability means a tool that will never fail you. A tool that will work under many conditions and that you can always count on. A tool that you can grab knowing it will get the job done safely and correctly. That’s why we offer two blade sizes for all your cutting needs. 

OLFA Reliable

Our 18mm knives are designed for heavy-duty general-purpose cutting. Our 25mm knives are ideal for heavier-duty cutting, offering added leverage with a bigger and tougher design. Our knives can come with either a fiberglass-reinforced handle, an anti-slip rubber handle, or a durable ABS handle. There are many options you can choose from based on what works for you and your hand. 

And we not only offer different blades sizes, but we also think of the type of locking mechanism that is better suited for you. Whether you’re an auto-lock or ratchet-lock fan, we have a wide selection of tools you can choose from, in each of the blade sizes (18mm vs. 25mm).  

OLFA X-Design Series of Knives
OLFA Classic Family of Knives

Once again, we had to hear it from our experts to know how and why OLFA tools are reliable to them. 

No matter which knife model I grab, the functionality and quality are always there” – Andrew King, commercial building engineer. 

“Every time I've reached for my OLFA knives in my belt they have always performed what I've asked.” – Ryan Smith, roofing and carpenter.


Always Sharp

Fresh blade on the go.  

With our tradesmen and women at the forefront of our design, we know sharpness matters more than ever. The invention of the snap-off blade in 1956 is what truly changed the game

A snap-off blade gives you confidence and peace of mind knowing you will never have to worry about a dull blade. With a simple snap of the blade, you will have a fresh edge in merely a few seconds. 

OLFA Always Sharp


“Having a snap-off blade helps tremendously because it adds speed to a job. You don’t have to stop to take apart your knife to change blade, or reach for another tool. Everything is at your fingertips. Using the OLFA snap-off blades also adds a layer of safety to my work. Sharp knives can bite the surface more readily. It is important to have a sharp knife so that I can do my job without slippage” said Frankie da Silva, painter and flooring expert. 

And when it comes to always sharp, OLFA goes even further. In addition to the well-known standard silver snap-off blades, OLFA also offers the ultra-sharp black blades. Thanks to a double-honing process, these blades are 25% sharper than the silver ones, making them durable and exceptionally sharp to cut through the toughest of materials. 

This is how OLFA lives by the principles of durability, reliability and sharpness. When we asked our OLFA Pro All-Stars for their feedback, April and Eddie, woodworkers, jumped to answer: “Regardless of what we cut with these tools, they continue to impress us with every single cut!”.


Take time to browse OLFA’s professional and safety tools, which include a wide variety of utility knives, specialty cutting tools, blade disposal cans and scrapers— and pick the ones for your cutting preferences.

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