The GSR-2 in a Painter's World with All-Star Michael Osornio

Being a painter isn’t just about painting. In fact, there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes, and Michael Osornio (@paint_life_1904), a professional painter with over 9 years of experience, couldn’t agree more: “In almost every painting job, there is also some necessary patching, repair and scraping that go with it. And one tool that never leaves my side is the OLFA 40mm GSR-2 Stainless Steel Blade Mini Glass Scraper. No matter which material I’m working with, whether paint, adhesives, caulk or glass, this pocket-sized scraper is with me. It’s my go-to, no doubt about it”. 

When asked what he uses this handy tool for, Michael has an endless list of applications: “I have used this scraper on projects such as French door repaints, where I have to scrape the glass to leave a crisp, sharp finish to the door. I also use it for cleaning any glass surface to remove dirt, excess adhesive and paint. It can also be used on tiles and similar materials. In fact, I have used it many times to remove caulking from marble countertops before diving into the painting part”. 

And when it comes to heavy duty projects, Michael doesn’t need to switch his tool, because the OLFA glass scraper can resist the toughest applications: “Even for the extreme tasks, like scraping up concrete, marble, ceramic tile or wood floors, I use to the same tool and blades. In fact, regardless of the job at hand, the most effective scraper will always be the one that is sharp – and the OLFA scraper doesn’t let you down. This tool has a keen edge that allows the blade to work its magic. In fact, both the scraper’s body and the blades are strong and durable, making them ideal to easily handle scraping and stripping materials”. 

According to Michael, the added beauty of this scraper is the blade storage box that comes with it: “When you’re covered in paint from head to toe, it’s very convenient to have a storage case right there with your tool, so you can easily grab one of the spare blades without having to go look for it. And this case does more than that. It can act as a blade cover, which can be very handy to avoid any accidents at work. And if you’re ever worried of losing the case cover, you can simply snap it back into the handle”.

It should come as no surprise that Michael recommends this scraper to all of his fellow painters: “This scraper will become your go-to tool, showing its muscle on every job site, at one time or another. Once you have it, you’ll find yourself reaching for it without even realizing it. I definitely recommend it: it is truly one of a kind”.


Michael Osornio Bio

Michael is an experienced painter, who paints every project as if it were his own. He sees his job as more than just painting, but rather about every aspect that goes with it. His goal is to continue to learn and grow as a professional in the painting industry.