Simplify Your Work with the OLFA 45-C Roller Materials Cutter

When it comes to cutting linoleum, carpet, landscape fabric or paper on the jobsite, you need a tool that ensures sharp cutting lines, while making the cutting quicker and easier. This is where the OLFA 45-C Roller Materials Cutter comes in play. If you have never used this tool before, it can be a bit intimidating. But it’s time to leave all that intimidation behind you, because we brought in experienced carpenter Andy Hopke (@a_and_e_designs) to answer all of your questions about this handy cutter.

 “I have been using this tool for over a year with the same blade. I use this OLFA Cutter for carpet removal, flooring protection and even opening boxes.

What’s unique about this cutter is the sharp, tungsten-steel rotary blade that is set into the handle. Unlike traditional rotary cutters, the blade of the OLFA 45-C Cutter is fixed in place, providing leverage and easy cutting for demanding construction materials. This represents a huge benefit compared to the blade that rotates all the time. If you nick one edge of the blade of your OLFA Cutter, you don’t have to waste the whole blade. Simply loosen the wing-nut screw, and rotate the blade slightly for a fresh cutting edge. I also really like that the blade is numbered. It makes it easier to keep track of how much it’s been used and if it’s nicked which section to not use. Thanks to this innovative cutting design, you can also cut multiple layers at the same time. And your hand doesn’t get as tired as with scissors”.

But Andy had a lot more to say about the Rolled Materials Cutter: “A key feature of the OLFA Cutter is that it is made for the end user, and as someone who works on a variety of different projects every day, that really shines through this tool.

The handle is comfortable in your hand, even when wearing gloves. It feels natural to use and it’s easy to push. The smooth solid base of the cutter means you won’t damage materials under the cut, and it will prevent you from getting injured since the cutting edge of the blade is protected. I recommend this cutter because you don’t have to worry about slicing through something that you aren’t supposed to. It’s also a very safe tool, which is great when people with different skill sets use it. One of the other advantages of this cutter compared to scissors is that there is no real difference in design for left or right-handed cutters. One type fits all! 

No matter the materials you’re working with, the OLFA 45-C Rolled Materials Cutter truly makes cutting so much faster, easier and more accurate. Once you have used a cutter like this, you will be totally converted to this method of cutting!”.


Andy Hopke Bio:

Andy has been in the trades for more than 20 years, working from full custom homes to small repairs. When asked to give a sentence that best represents him, Andy said: “Anything that I can work on with my hands is satisfying to me. No doubt about it.”