Safety Meets Efficiency: How to Make Your Job Easier Using OLFA Knives

Depending on the situation at hand, one utility knife might handle every job, or multiple specialty cutting tools could make more sense. But no matter what hand tool you choose, safety is non negotiable. This is especially true in the construction field where workers incur the risks of injury daily. Whether lifting, climbing, or moving in ways that push their bodies’ natural limits – many professionals might get the spins simply thinking about that worker we saw last week climbing the roof of our neighbor’s home! When it comes to achieving safety in the construction field, using the right tools is key. And thanks to OLFA safety knives, reaching safety on the jobsite can become easier. 

So, how can safety knives help you on the jobsite? One of the most effective ways to attain safety through utility knives is with the implementation of a self-retracting mechanism. With construction in mind, OLFA has focused on carefully redesigning the handle of some of its safety knives with the aim of reducing blade exposure, particularly when the knife is not active. The OLFA SK-4 Self-Retracting Safety Knife embodies safety at your fingertips. This safety knife features a spring-activated blade that retracts into housing as soon as it loses contact with the cutting material, as long as the user’s thumb is off of the slider. Utilizing a self-retracting blade helps minimize accidents and unwanted cuts, making this knife ideal for cutting foam, Tyvek, corrugated cardboard and more. With the pointed-tip blade of this knife, you can also use it for scoring (not cutting) drywall.  

OLFA SK-4 Semi-Automatic Self-Retracting Safety Knife

While an automatic retraction mechanism is an essential safety measure, there are other safety means OLFA has devised in light of specific construction tasks. We all know that precision and sharpness are two key elements of a successful job in the construction field. In fact, a dull blade can create more risks of injury, as it requires more pressure to cut, thus increasing the chance that the knife will slip with great force behind it. To add safety to the knife while still offering a continuous and fresh sharp blade, OLFA created a concealed blade system of knives. The OLFA SK-10 Safety Knife features a 4-position blade that offers both utility and safety. The wide throat of the knife allows for easy access to a sharp blade while also protecting you from accidental blade exposure. This knife is perfect for opening bags of concrete, cutting pallet and shrink-wrap, and slicing films of bagged goods.

OLFA SK-10 Concealed Blade Safety Knife with Replaceable Blade

The OLFA SK-15 Disposable Concealed Blade Safety Knife offers all the benefits of the SK-10 Safety Knife in a disposable form. This compact cutter also works on corrugated/cardboard, flooring protection materials, and more. Another great option for opening packages is the OLFA SK-6 Safety Knife. This tool features a rounded-tip blade that saves package contents from punctures or unnecessary damage.

OLFA SK-6 Fully-Automatic Safety Knife with Blade Guard

Workers in the construction world rely on cutting tools that are effective, sturdy and safe. They need knives that will cut down time, and enhance productivity while decreasing injuries at work. Thanks to a combination of thoughtful design and analysis of users’ feedback, OLFA safety knives are able to deliver efficiency and safety in all kinds of environmental conditions.