Safety Knives for Shipping & Receiving Facilities

Picture this: a bustling shipping and receiving facility filled with workers who are handling boxes, cutting through tape, and opening packages. Now imagine the potential hazards lurking in this fast-paced environmentcuts, lacerations, and accidents waiting to happen. But fear not, because OLFA safety knives are here to save the day!

OLFA SK-4 in a shipping facility

Before we dive into the specifics of which safety knives are ideal for this industry, it’s important to note that every distribution center has its unique set of operations, which means the choice of safety knives will depend on the facility itself. By understanding your facility's specific needs, you can select the most suitable safety knife to tackle the challenges at hand. If you need any help with this, OLFA offers a FREE Safety Evaluation, where trained specialists can review the cutting applications at your facility and then recommend the right products to maximize your workflow.   

In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at the OLFA safety knives that stand out when it comes to the packaging industry.


Best All-Around Safety Knife 

For the perfect blend of safety and utility, look no further than the OLFA SK-4 Semi-Automatic Safety Knife.  

Ideal for cutting many materials—corrugated cardboard, film, shrink-wrap, pallet, foam and foil— the OLFA SK-4 safety knife is lightweight and easy to use. The spring activated blade automatically retracts when lifted from the cutting surface, minimizing accidents and allowing you to quickly transition between tasks. Once you’re finished, just slip it into your pocket. Plus, swapping out blades only takes a few seconds and is tool-free—keeping your facility operating at peak performance.  

OLFA SK-4 Semi Automatic Safety Knife 

An Automatic Knife with an Extra Layer of Safety 

If you need an additional layer of safety at work, the OLFA SK-6 Fully Automatic Safety Knife is what you’re looking for. Why? Because this knife comes with a built-in safety guard and a rounded-tip blade that not only protect your hands, but also save package contents from punctures. 

This safety knife is great for cutting films, tape, 2-ply corrugate, foil and paper. Its textured grip and strong fiberglass reinforced handle make this knife durable against the daily wear and tear of shipping and receiving facilities. In addition, and like the OLFA SK-4, blade changes are simple and tool-free, allowing you to optimize your daily workflow and productivity.

OLFA SK-6 Fully-Automatic Safety Knife 

Complete Blade Safety  

In a shipping facility, you'll often encounter an abundance of materials like cardboard, corrugated sheets, shrink wrap, and bagged goods. Each of these materials demands a different cutting approach, so having a versatile safety knife at your disposal can drastically improve the productivity of your workers.  

That’s why the OLFA SK-16 Quick-Change Concealed Blade Safety Knife is a favorite of many facility managers. This knife features a guard tip and an open cutting channel that protect the exposed blade at all times, prioritizing user safety and preventing accidental injuries. 

OLFA SK-16 Concealed Blade Safety Knife

But the OLFA SK-16 safety knife isn’t just safe, it’s also extremely sturdy, being able to cut through cable ties, rubber sheeting, flooring protection, plastic strapping bands, stretch film and much more. Overall, the SK-16 excels in its ability to adapt to these diverse materials, ensuring precise and efficient cuts, regardless of the packaging medium. Plus, its quick-change functionality means less downtime between cuts.


Cutting to the Chase

In the fast-paced world of shipping and distribution centers, safety knives play a crucial role in enhancing productivity and ensuring worker safety. OLFA’s range of safety knives offer an exceptional blend of versatility and excellence, catering to the unique requirements of different materials and facilities.


Choose the perfect safety knife from OLFA and experience the pinnacle of quality, precision, and ease of use in your cutting endeavors. Check out our safety knives, today.


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