Safety During the Holiday Shipping Rush

While the holiday season is an exciting time for many, it is also a time of increased risk of injury – especially in the packaging and shipping industry. Hand lacerations during the holiday shipping rush are a serious concern:

The increased pressure and workload from the holiday rush can lead to carelessness, fatigue can impair concentration, and seasonal workers may not be as familiar with safety procedures. By using safety knives that are designed to protect your hands, you can reduce the stress on your mind and body and increase your safety.

OLFA safety knives are designed to be simple, sharp, and help you get the job done while keeping your hands protected. Let's look at some of the knives and their built-in safety features:



The SK-16 Quick-Change Concealed Blade Safety Knife has limited blade exposure which prevents cuts and lacerations to your hands. Despite being covered, its premium stainless-steel blades cut over 7x more than competitive blades.

The opening on both sides of the blade allows for you to easily cut open materials and the protective tips on the blade keep whatever’s underneath safe. Moreover, the tips reduce the gap to the blade so your fingers can’t accidentally reach it.

Not only does this knife keep your fingers safe, but it also is designed for long-lasting comfort. The durable fiberglass handle is ergonomically curved which reduces wrist fatigue for prolonged use. 



The SK-6 Fully-Automatic Safety Knife with Blade Guard provides users an extra layer of safety with a guard that automatically covers the blade when in use. The blade itself has a rounded tip, eliminating punctures and damage to carton contents.

When not in use, the safety guard encloses the blade and shields the user from any exposure to it. The SK-6 provides the ultimate safety; the automatic blade guard is always activated, whether or not the blade slide is engaged.

Lastly, the anti-slip handle is durable, and the textured grip provides security for either right- or left-hand use.



The SK-9 Semi-Automatic Self-Retracting Safety Knife with Tape Splitter is the perfect knife to tackle your shipping needs. This knife is a safe option for continuous use, designed with a spring-loaded blade that retracts automatically once you release the blade slide.

The SK-9 comes preloaded with an exclusive Dual-Edge Safey Blade, providing you unmatched sharpness and edge retention. Plus, the best part about this knife during the holiday rush is the metal pick at the base of the handle is made to cut packaging tape, break shrink wrap and plastic packaging, and pry through tough materials.


These OLFA knives are only some of many that are designed with your safety in mind. By using safety knives, you can protect yourself and others from dangerous injury and ensure a safer holiday season for everyone.

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