Proper Tool Usage: Essential Knife Qualities

A sharp, well-handled tool is the ultimate companion for any tradesperson. That is why proper tool usage and care is vital to get the job done efficiently and keep workers safe.

When it comes to knives, the consequences of blades being dull or improperly discarded can lead to frustration, inefficiency, and injury. Safety, quality, and efficiency are vital for proper tool usage. That’s why OLFA is here to help you meet and exceed these standards by providing the best tools for the task at hand.



Sk-16 slicing through plastic wrap

To ensure safety, choose the knife best fit to meet your tasks’ needs. OLFA has diverse categories to help meet the standard, including:
  • Semi-automatic
  • Fully automatic
  • Concealed
  • Metal detectable
  • Food safe

Our safety knives are designed for specific materials such as bagged goods, shrink-wrap, cable ties, and more. To ensure you make an informed choice, each product listing on our website includes a "For use with" section, guiding users to select the right knife for their specific needs.

And if you’re uncertain if your workplace has the correct tools and need help choosing the best ones for your job, you can contact us.



A hand holding an OLFA sk-9 knife

Maintaining a sharp blade is crucial for the effectiveness and safety of knives in various applications. Worn blades compromise cutting precision and increase the risk of accidents. To mitigate this risk, OLFA tools are designed with premium Japanese steel, which is known for its exceptional sharpness and durability. Plus, the ergonomic design of the handle allows for more comfortability, reducing overall fatigue on the tradesperson.

Investing in a high-quality knife in all its structural aspects not only guarantees optimal performance, but also promotes a safer working environment for users.



Two blade disposal canisters

Proper disposal of dull blades is also integral to maintaining a safe and efficient work environment. Utilizing a blade disposal can is the most secure method to remove old blades, safeguarding hands from potential injuries.

OLFA offers two convenient options for our customers. Whether you prefer a portable can for your pocket or a wall-mounted solution for accessibility, these disposal options make it effortless to retire dull blades responsibly.

Beyond safety, efficient disposal streamlines the transition from worn-out blades to sharp replacements, reducing downtime and ensuring a seamless workflow.

By embracing the principles of safety, quality, and efficiency, you can safeguard yourself from harm, enhance their productivity, and achieve the highest standards of craftsmanship. To see all the OLFA safety knives available, visit