Product Spotlight: The Multi-Blade / Auto-Load Family

Auto-Load Utility Knives Keep the Momentum Going Strong with Built-in Blade Storage

When Yoshio Okada invented the incredibly innovative snap-off blade in 1956, he forever took cutting efficiency and safety to the next level. Today, OLFA continues to follow the legacy of brilliant engineering with utility knives that hold multiple replacement blades within its handle.

If you find yourself working on tough projects that require snapping off multiple blade segments throughout the day, then the Multi-Blade Auto-Load Utility Knives are made for you. Auto-Load knives ensure you are continuously working with the sharpest edge possible. Instead of having to search out a replacement blade in the toolbox, then stop what you are working on to change the blade, these knives keep you loaded and ready. The storage compartment not only holds up to five blades, it loads a new one in seconds.

These knives come in two sizes, 18mm PL-1 Multi-Blade Auto-Load Utility Knife and the 9mm PA-2 Multi-Blade Auto-Lock Knife.

18mm PL-1

9mm PA-2

The Multi-Load handles can store up to five extra blades—that’s 65 sharp blade segments with the 9mm knife or 40 edges on the 18mm knife. This means you can keep the momentum strong all day long.

How it Works to Keep You Working

The beauty of these knives is that when you’ve finished with one blade segment, you simply snap it off and continue with your project. When you reach the last segment in the blade, move the slide mechanism in the handle fully forward eject the final segment, then slide it all the way back to automatically load a fresh blade and get back into the game!

It couldn’t be easier or safer. Speaking of safety, the handle of the 9mm PA-2 each handle is designed to be comfortable and includes an automatic blade lock for safe, extended use.

Not only do these knives deliver increased efficiency and confidence knowing you are always working with incredibly sharp blades and durable equipment, they also come with a limited lifetime warranty to help you take on those projects today and for decades to come. 


"The Olfa PL-1 is in my opinion the best all around knife out there in terms of size, functionality and weight. Not many people can say that they’ve used the SAME knife day in and day out for 15 years and it still works great." – @thesidingguy