OLFA Stainless Steel Series: A New Level of Precision

When it comes to precise and controlled cutting, the OLFA Stainless Steel Series does the job. Each made from 100% stainless steel, these knives are durable with their corrosion resistant handles, easily maneuverable with their sleek design, and the most reliable with blades built for detailed cutting.

It’s one thing for us at OLFA to tell you about it, but our friends at 44 Tools and The Tintstitute agree! Tim Neely from 44 Tools, said: “We have trusted OLFA quality and reliability for decades. The SAC-1 and SVR-2 are best sellers for a reason. Nothing cuts tint film like OLFA Blades!”

Austin Cook from The Tintstitute said: “The OLFA SVR-2 is without a doubt, my favorite knife due to how tight the blade is, and how distinct the clicks are!”

In this article, we’ll look at how each of the SVR-2, SVR-1, and SAC-1 can serve your needs best.


 SVR-2 Product Image

The 9mm SVR-2: A New Level in Precise Cutting

The OLFA 9mm SVR-2 Stainless Steel Auto-Lock Knife delivers high performance and accurate control. Its polished steel design makes it the top-tier knife choice for wet environments because of its resistance to rust and chemical damage, along with maintaining the blade for complete control on even the most detailed of cuts.

Preloaded with 9mm ABS Precision Stainless Steel Snap-Off Blade for immediate use, each blade features 13 snap segments. When you’re finished, you can snap it off and continue working! So, whether you’re cutting through flexible plastics, vinyl, or films, you can work effortlessly with the knowledge that your knife is up for the task.

New improvements to the SVR-2 are now available. This handle now offers users two adjustments per segment, which creates finer increments. Check with your local distributor for stock availability and learn more about the changes here.


SVR-1 Product Image

The 9mm SVR-1: Premier Maneuverability and Easy Cutting

If what you’re looking for is ease in mobility and control, then the 9mm SVR-1 Stainless Steel Slide-Lock Knife is a promising choice. The flexible side-activation enables blade depth changes while in use, and the stainless-steel structure ensures that the blade remains steady the entire time. Not to mention that, along with the rest of the series, this knife is rust and corrosion resistant.

Full blade changes are effortless and require no extra tools. Simply remove the clip and slide the used 9mm blade to the cutter's back. Put the new blade in and you’re ready to work on cutting wallpaper, tape, films and more!


SAC-1 Product Image

The 9mm SAC-1: Sharp Precision Across the Board

The 9mm SAC-1 Stainless-Steel Graphics Knife with 30-Degree Precision Blade is the ideal knife for cutting paints, films, or other damp applications. Users can securely position the blade into several pre-set depths with a single touch using the auto-lock slide, and easily snape off a used-blade with its included pocket clip.

This graphic knife also comes with a 30-degree angle Graphics Snap Blade, which is ideal for projects that require detailed cutting. Each blade has 7 cutting segments for continuous cutting and can be simply snapped off to renew the edge.

Similar to the SVR-2, the SAC-1 will also be receiving new improvements. The SAC-1 will offer three adjustments per segment, and the blade slider has been redesigned with a smoother, more comfortable service. See all the updates here and watch for this new model releasing later this fall.

Trusted and praised by industry experts, the OLFA Stainless Steel Series is designed for precision, durability, and reliability. Discover which OLFA Professional knife is best for you here.


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