Silver vs. Black: Which OLFA Blade is For You

OLFA has long been the top choice for cutting tools. Professionals and hobbyists turn to OLFA for a wide range of products for various applications. To cater to the needs of different trades, OLFA has created two snap-off blades: black and silver. Although made from the same materials, these blades differ in color, purpose, and user preference. 

In this blog, we will explore the differences between the two blades, uncovering what OLFA’s users like about each type and our recommended applications.

OLFA Silver vs Black Blades snap-off


Black Blades:

Thanks to a double-honing process, OLFA’s snap-off black blades are sharper than the silver ones. They are the perfect choice for cutting materials that need precision. Choose black blades for insulation, silicone, caulking tubes, shrink wrap, plastic sheeting, turf, and more. Designed to be strong and durable, black blades last longer and stay sharp for extended periods. 

These blades are highly sharp and need less pulling force, making them safe to use. They are the preferred blades for plumbers, commercial roofers, carpenters, and anyone else who needs to cut materials quickly, accurately, and safely. 

Fun fact: when asked about the black blades, users also expressed their appreciation for the color itself, as it makes the knife stand out and gives it a “cool look”.

9mm ABB Black Snap Blades

OLFA 9mm Black Snap-Off Blades

18mm LBB Ultra-Sharp Black Snap Blade

OLFA 18mm Snap-off Black Blades

25mm HBB Ultra-Sharp Black Snap Blade

OLFA 25mm Black Snap-off Blades

Silver Blades:

Similar to the black blades, OLFA’s silver snap-off blades are made of Japanese tool steel, a durable and extremely strong material. Silver blades feature several snap-off segments– the number varies based on the blade size— that provide leverage on heavy-duty materials such as wood, chipboard, cardboard, cement boards, linoleum, rope, and shrink wrap.

With a segment line that is deep and smooth for a clean snap, the silver blades are ideal for artisans, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals who need tools that can withstand heavy use, and balance cutting performance with durability.

Fun fact: users of the silver blades highlighted that the color of the blades makes them easier to see, which can be very helpful when working in low-light conditions.

A1160B Graphics Snap Blades

OLFA A1160B Graphics Snap Blades, 10pk

9mm AB Silver Snap Blades

OLFA 9mm AB Silver Snap Blades - 5, 10 or 50 Pack

18mm LB Silver Snap Blade

OLFA 18mm LB Silver Snap Blade - 5, 10, 50 or 100 Packs

25mm HB Silver Snap Blade

OLFA 25mm 25mm HB Silver Snap Blade - 5, 20 or 40 Pack

Thanks to in-depth market research and conversations with consumers, OLFA’s snap-off blades are able to satisfy the needs of many applications. Whether you choose black or silver snap-off blades for your projects, you can rest assured of their quality and durability. 

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