OLFA Safety Evaluation Program: Keep Your Workplace Accident-Free

A job well done is not only a finished product, but also ensuring that your team is safe, and your workplace is free from accidents. With the busy commotion of a labor-intensive jobsite, safety should always be a top priority for risk professionals, safety experts, managers, and employees.

As a matter of fact, there are over 55,000 lacerations each year—and that’s why OLFA is here to protect you not only with safe cutting solutions, but also through a tailored and FREE Safety Evaluation Program.

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An OLFA Safety Evaluation reviews all cutting applications in your facility and includes samples and training to ensure your staff understands how to handle each tool. By minimizing incidents and optimizing work processes, you not only prioritize safety, but also generate cost savings that positively impact your bottom line.

So how does the OLFA Evaluation work? Let us take a quick look. 

  1. Sign up!

Getting started is easy. Once you get the process going, OLFA keeps things simple. Sign-up is free! Fill out this form, and an OLFA team member will contact you via phone or email to schedule your safety evaluation. These can be done either in-person or virtually—your choice!**

By signing up, you receive a complimentary consultation from an OLFA trained specialist (which is equivalent to over $2,500 in value).

OLFA Safety Evaluation  

  1. Ensure safety and benefits from personalized guidance

The OLFA Safety Evaluation leaves no cutting application unchecked and is designed to provide complete support throughout the process. Based on your organization’s needs and preferences, our specialist will go through all your cutting devices by department or facility.

Throughout the evaluation, OLFA will provide tailored direction for each application, so that your team can use and learn about the appropriate tools to prevent hand injuries and avoid accidental cuts and lacerations. Proactively implementing safety measures will streamline your work environment and ultimately enhance protection and profitability.


  1. Get results and try OLFA knives that fit your needs

Following the OLFA Safety Evaluation, you will receive specific product recommendations to enhance productivity while reducing reportable incidents. It is important to involve all the workers in sharing the evaluation outcomes, so you can best educate and formulate a strategy regarding cutting systems moving forward.

You will then receive samples of one of our safety knives, whether they be Fully-Automatic, Semi-Automatic, or Concealed. Your team will also receive training when the samples come in, ensuring full knowledge of proper cutting techniques. For the next 30 days, you'll have the opportunity to use the samples and experience the quality and reliability of OLFA knives firsthand.

OLFA Safety Knives 

Choose the OLFA Safety Evaluation Program to safeguard your workplace, empower your team, and achieve a culture of safety excellence. Together, we can make your workplace accident-free and ensure the well-being of your workplace! Get your FREE Safety Evaluation Today.

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**OLFA reserves the rights to choose whether the evaluation happens in person or virtually, based on on employee count, amount of product consumption and scheduling availability.