OLFA’s Ultimate 2023 Gift Guide

The holiday season is right around the corner and here at OLFA, we are in the spirit of giving. So, if you’re looking for what the perfect gift may be for your handy family member or friend, there’s no need to look any further. 

In collaboration with our OLFA Pro Hall of Famers and All-Stars, we have gathered all the must have tools for the end of the year. From all-day comfort grip to a sharp blade that’s easy to switch, our team has shared their favorite knives that they themselves would love to receive as a present.  

We asked them Which OLFA knife would you gift to a fellow tradesperson for the holidays? Here are their favorites: 

Laura: My favorite knife is the L-2, so this would be my first gift to a coworker over the holidays! The L-2 is comfortable, and I love the way it locks, so the blade doesn’t move in or out while using it. The black blades are a must. They make a difference for sure in ease and precision. All of this plus the disposable container for used blades makes these gifts go hand-in-hand. 


Josh: I would give a fellow tradesperson the XA-1 knife for the holidays. We all know the holidays can be full of gift giving, spending time with family, and spoiling the little ones. The small precision XA-1 is perfect for cutting open boxes, packaging, wrapping paper, and new toys.  

Aside from the holiday aspect, the XA-1 has the OLFA toughness for professional use. Once the holidays are wrapped up, the knife is rugged enough for the jobsite. It’s great for work tasks while being smaller and easy to work with on precise applications.


Ryan: The LA-X would be my choice! The ratcheting slide is easy to use one handed, keeping the blade safely tucked inside when not needed, and you can push it out with the swipe of your thumb. The size is excellent for tool belts and doesn't feel cumbersome and oversized. Plus, the prong on the end is super handy for opening cans and moving windows around in their openings while installing them. 


Frankie: I’d gift the XH-AL to another tradesperson. It has the most comfortable grip and the design allows for quick blade changes. It’s not just a knife – it's versatile, durable, and handy in any situation. 


Desmond: I would give a fellow tradesperson the PL-1. It’s tried and true and I have used mine for over 17 years now! It has spare blades for whenever you need it and remains compact. The thumb lock is also great for workers who like to have the blade remain out and locked while they are on the job. 


Jacob: I’d definitely gift the MXP-AL. It’s easy to use and you only need one hand to deploy and retract the blade. I use it to open paint cans and more. It’s lightweight, durable, and has a nicely designed handle to give you a more secure grip.  


For more gift ideas for the tradesperson in your life this holiday season, explore which OLFA knife is best: olfa.com/collections/professional