OLFA Classic Family: A Staple

Here at OLFA we know that when it comes to our tools, the OLFA Classic Knives are timeless and trusted for a reason. They are straightforward, easy to use, and built for every trade professional—whether in construction, carpentry, siding, or woodworking. With its durable ABS plastic handle, sharp snap-off blades, and different locking-mechanisms, our Classic Knives consider every trade, while enabling workers to perform tasks quickly, efficiently, and safely.

OLFA Classic Family of Knives 

OLFA Classic Knives can be distinguished by their blade sizes, ranging from 9mm, to 18mm, and 25mm. In this article, we’ll look at each knife and examine how they can benefit you best.


9mm Knives: Created for Exact Cuts

What all 9mm Classic Knives have in common is the ability to deliver the most precise cuts, no matter the material you’re cutting. As expected from the Classic Family, the 9mm knives offers unique features, tailored to each user’s cutting preference.

The OLFA 9mm A-1 Auto-Lock Precision Utility Knife delivers affordability and precision cutting. So, whether you’re working through cardboard, flexible plastics, or twine, this knife ensures that every slice is effortless and clear-cut. The ABS plastic handle allows concise control, and the pocket clip is handy for blade snapping and safe access to new blade segments.

OLFA 9mm A-1 Auto-Lock Precision Utility Knife

When it comes to needing an innovative solution for continuous cuts, the OLFA 9mm PA-2 Multi-Blade Auto-Lock Precision Knife might be the one for you. Its design allows for storing of up to five replacement blades, giving you 65 sharp edges of cutting capability in one knife.

OLFA 9mm PA-2 Multi-Blade Auto-Lock Precision Knife

And when it comes to precise cutting for tough jobs, the OLFA 9mm 300 Ratchet-Lock Precision Utility Knife provides stable cutting with its ratchet-based locking system handle design.

 OLFA 9mm 300 Ratchet-Lock Precision Utility Knife

18mm Knives: Built for All Trades

Looking at construction or industrial tasks, trade professionals know to choose the OLFA Classic 18mm knives. Providing versatility, durability, and sharpness, these lightweight 18mm Classic Knives stand up to the everyday rigors of the jobsite.

Among the different options, the OLFA 18mm L-1 Ratchet Lock Utility Knife is a favorite of many professionals. Featuring the well-known traits of the Classic Family, this knife provides a durable ABS, contoured handle, and a stainless-steel cutting channel.

OLFA 18mm L-1 Ratchet Lock Utility Knife

And if having grip is your top priority, the OLFA 18mm L-2 Classic Heavy-Duty utility Knife with Rubber Insert gives you just that. Preloaded with a tough blade and a ratchet-wheel locking system, the knife is ready to go as soon you open it.

OLFA 18mm L-2 Classic Heavy-Duty Utility Knife with Rubber Inset

The inventive OLFA 18mm PL-1 Multi-Blade Auto-Load Utility Knife has a brilliant design that can store up to five replacement blades in the auto-load cartridge. How does this help? Because once you’re ready for a new blade, you can simply eject the used one, pull the slide back, and load in a fresh blade in just a few seconds.

OLFA 18mm PL-1 Pro-Load Multi-Blade Utility Knife with Auto-Load

OLFA PA-2 and PL-1 Auto-Load Utility Knives

Lastly, there is the OLFA 18mm CL Adjustable Depth Control Utility Knife. Although its use might not be as common as the other OLFA Classic Knives, this specialty tool comes in handy when cutting ceiling tiles, foam board, or other objects where you need an exact depth cut.

OLFA 18mm CL Adjustable Depth Control Utility Knife with Flat Cutting Base

And if you really need to reach for your cut, the OLFA 18mm XL-2 Extended Reach Utility Knife can provide over 6-inches of added blade channel than a standard knife. This knife is it great for any application where you need to distance yourself from the cut.

OLFA 18mm XL-2 Extended Reach Utility Knife 

25mm Knives: Made for Heavy-Duty Jobs

For the professionals in construction, roofing, and all those jobs that require extra heavy-duty cutting, the OLFA 25mm Classic Knives are the choice for the job. These knives are specifically designed to withstand the wear and tear of the toughest jobs, being able to slice through the most stubborn materials.

The OLFA 25mm H-1 Classic Extra-Heavy Duty Rubber Grip Utility Knife goes the extra mile. Not only does it come with the well-known features of the Classic Family (e.g., a robust ABS plastic handle, stainless-steel support channel), but it is also designed to support you through the worst conditions, so if you are working through damp humidity, the anti-slip rubber handle guarantees a tight grip.

OLFA 25mm H-1 Classic Extra Heavy-Duty Rubber Grip Utility Knife 


OLFA Classic Knives Are Designed with the User in Mind

With OLFA Classic Knives, the only thing you need to worry about is the task at hand. Forget about damaging the handle, being unable to cut through tough materials, losing time in between switching a dull blade to a fresh one, or finding the perfect lock setting—our Classic Knives help you work faster, sharper, and easier.

Whether it be the 9mm, 18mm, or 25mm blade size, choose the best classic knife that will help you get the job done!


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