Meet the Versatile OLFA MXP-L Utility Knife

A utility knife is a must-have in your tool box or junk drawer. As most of you may know, there are several utility knives available on the market: from your standard box cutter to more heavy-duty options - the list is endless. Selecting the appropriate utility knife (and blades) for the material that you need to cut is key to making the job safer and faster. But if you’re not an expert, choosing the right tool isn’t all that easy! To learn more about utility knives, we decided to interview Scott Couch (@getoffthecouch_design), a professional woodworker with over 10 years of experience in the field– and a passion for OLFA tools.

“The words box cutter and utility knife are sometimes used interchangeably, but utility knives made for professionals can do much more than slicing through packing tape and cardboard. A heavy-duty utility knife is the multipurpose knife in your tool bag. This knife needs to have specific features: a metal body to withstand constant use, a finger-friendly handle, and an easy blade change mechanism. And OLFA tools embody all of these features, which is why I love them and recommend them to my fellow wood makers.

Of all the OLFA tools I love and have, my go-to is the 18mm MXP-L Die-Cast Aluminum Handle Ratchet Knife. I’ve been using this knife for about a year. Although the most common use I have for this tool is opening packages, there are other applications I use my OLFA knife for. From cutting insulation for my shop, to cutting carpet, breaking down and removing foam, or cutting the tongue off floating floor planks - I use this heavy-duty knife for really everything.

OLFA 18mm MXP-L Utility Knife with Glove

The OLFA MXP-L Utility Knife truly has the perfect size. The rubber grip makes it feel robust and safe at the same time, since you know the tool is not going to slip out of your hands unexpectedly while working. I also like the long channel that supports the whole blade, as well as the aluminum body itself. With its aluminum frame, it is strong enough to handle hard applications, while still being comfortable in the hand. These features turn this tool into a strong, lightweight, and durable utility knife.

OLFA 18mm MXP-L Utility Knife Cutting Cardboard and Tough Materials

But the added bonus of this OLFA knife is the remarkably sharp snap blades that come with it. OLFA LBB Black Snap Blades are 25% sharper than their standard silver blades, making them perfect to work with dense materials such as foam insulation board, ceiling tile, or corrugate. Since most of the materials I handle at work are tough, these blades have proven to be exactly what I needed – I keep these blades near me for most of my projects”.

When asked if he would recommend the OLFA MXP-L to both professionals and DIY’ers, Scott replied: “Without a doubt. Everything about this knife is well-balanced and screams quality, sturdiness and awesomeness. This is a must-buy!”.


Scott Couch Bio:

Scott is a woodworker and content creator based in the U.S. He loves to take wood and form it into something beautiful and functional. Scott enjoys building custom furniture while documenting the process to share across his social media platforms.