Looking to Easily Slice Heavy-Duty Materials? The OLFA 25mm XH-1/XH-AL Fiberglass Utility Knife has you Covered.

Tradespeople love the 18mm utility knife for everyday use, but sometimes you need something a little stronger that can aid in heavy-duty cuts, while still being retractable and easy to add to your tool belt. The OLFA 25mm XH-1/XH-AL Fiberglass Utility Knife can help you get the job done when you need to cut industrial and construction products that a smaller blade just can’t handle.

Built with a 1-inch-wide, Ultra-Sharp Black Blade that is 25% sharper than standard OLFA silver blades, this knife does the hard work for you. The blade boasts extra height and width helping to steadily cut through a variety of materials, including laminates, plastics, nylon, ropes, gaskets, packing materials, turf, and PVC.  

This heavy-duty utility knife is constructed with a fiberglass-reinforced handle with thicker rubber on the grip which helps it to withstand falls. The 25mm size also provides more leverage for larger hands or completing heavier-duty tasks. The knife comes in two locking options: Auto-Lock (XH-AL) and Ratchet-Lock (XH-1). Both styles allow for a one hand adjustment and are typically chosen based on user preference. The auto-lock model clicks forward to position the blade and is ready to use. When your cut is complete, slide it back to lock with a click for the ultimate ease. With the Ratchet-Lock model, you can set the blade exactly where you want it and can crank the lock tight for staying power. For example, when cutting ceiling panels or trim, you can adjust the blade to the exact depth you need without worry of the blade moving.

The 25mm is a favorite tool for one of our OLFA Pro All-Stars, Lucas Mann D’Angelo (@mannmadeinma), for carpentry, fabrication, and woodwork. He always keeps a 25mm in his tool belt and utilizes both lock styles depending on the job at hand. Lucas favorably uses the pull saw blade on his 25mm – which is sold separately – and it is his go-to tool when cutting trim or molding. With an easy, tool-less blade change, he can swap out the regular blade for the saw blade within seconds – but he typically keeps both blades set up and ready to go. “One thing that has shocked me is that the saw blade attachment is not widely known,” said Lucas. “It is my favorite tool and is very handy. How could you not love a pull saw that you can put into your pocket?”

Some of his favorite features on the 25mm utility knife that ensure control are the stainless-steel channel that runs the full length of the blade and the swell of the handle that provide excellent structure and grip support. The lanyard and bright yellow color also come in handy when he’s looking for easy access to his trusty tool.

Next time you’re working on a job that needs a heavy-duty blade for quick and easy cutting, pull out the OLFA 25mm XH-1/XH-AL Fiberglass Utility Knife for a superior cut.