Get Ready for Spring with These DIY Outdoor Projects

With spring around the corner, it’s time to prepare your home (and yard) to look beautiful. It's the season to welcome the blossoming of flowers, sweet aromas in the air, and warmer days. Nothing is better than tackling outdoor tasks and taking advantage of the fresh spring air. All you need is some free time, a little elbow grease, and the right tools.

To help you get started on your outdoor projects, we assembled some ideas with the help of our OLFA Pro All-Stars. Keep reading to see their upcoming outdoor tasks and tool suggestions.

  1. Outdoor Patio Maintenance

After a long winter and extreme weather, the tiles of your outdoor patio may be in need of some love. Snow, rain, and other elements can deteriorate tiles quickly. Spring is the ideal time to refinish your patio or deck. To get your outdoor area ready for the warmer season, start by removing old grout from between tiles. For this task, the OLFA 25mm H-1 Utility Knife is what you need. This extra-heavy-duty knife comes with an anti-slip ABS plastic handle. The easy-to-use ratchet-lock blade actuator adjusts the blade to the desired depth.

OLFA 25mm H-1 Utility Knife on table top with gloves and tools

Tip: Place the pointed tip of the knife blade into the joint between two tiles. Lightly scratch away at the hardened grout. Once you've created a deep groove, apply a little more pressure to continue to remove the grout a little at a time.

  1. Landscaping

A well-curated garden is something every outdoor lover should have. Now is the perfect time to get your garden ready for entertaining. A high-quality utility knife is an essential tool for a wide range of outdoor tasks. From trimming stems and snipping fruit, to sawing branches and lifting bark, utility knives handle an array of tasks. To learn more about landscaping with OLFA, we asked All-Star Jacob Garrett (@thejakeofall) to share his experience. Jake said, “As I was getting ready to build an outdoor shed, I noticed that many of my plants had died after the Florida freeze. This told me it was time for some pruning! A few of the plants were a softer stalk, but some required some harder work. For this, the OLFA 25mm XH-AL Fiberglass-Reinforced Auto-Lock Utility Knife is an ideal option. It comes preloaded with a HBB 25mm Ultra-Sharp Black Blade that is thicker, stronger, and more durable than standard utility knife blades. You can cut and trim even the most stubborn branches. It also comes with a professional lanyard hole, so you can keep it on you as you go about your gardening jobs”.

OLFA 25mm XH-AL Fiberglass-Reinforced Auto-Lock Utility Knife

  1. Exterior Trim Touch-Up

If you’re looking to add interest to your home while boosting curb appeal, there is nothing like fresh paint. Walk around your home and look for chipped, peeling, or flaking areas. Once you locate these, you will need to clean them before painting. To do this, the OLFA 40mm GSR-2 Stainless Steel Blade Mini Glass Scraper is the ideal tool. Not only you can carry it around in your pocket, but it also allows you to replace the blade with a simple thumb screw. This allows for a fresh blade at all times. When scraping, don't be afraid of removing too much. If the paint easily scrapes off, it isn't protecting your house from elements anymore. After you’ve completely cleaned the area, apply your favorite coat of paint (but make sure it matches).

OLFA GSR-2 Mini Scraper in action scrapping a dirty glass window

Like blooms on a spring day, these projects can transform your home from a dormant space into a welcoming outdoor retreat. Check out the OLFA line of safety, specialty and heavy-duty cutting tools— and pick the ones best suited to tackle your next project!