From Start to Finish: Discover OLFA Scraper Solutions

Whether you’re in construction or woodworking, renovation or manufacturing, scrapers are an essential tool that provide versatility and reliability when it comes to any task. If you’re preparing a surface and need to clean and smooth it, remove material for future detail work, or generally need a safe tool to reduce the risk of damage on a piece because a power tool is too strong – scrapers are the ones for you.  

We took a look at our wide range of OLFA scrapers to help determine which one is best for the job.




Multi-purpose Fixed Blade Scrapers: Durable and Easy to Use 

The 25mm and 60mm Multi-Purpose Scrapers have stainless-steel blades that are supported with heavy-duty ABS plastics handles to resist corrosion. Plus, the handle has a molded texture with grooves, ensuring a firm grasp during each and every task. 

If you’re working in cramped spaces, don’t worry. The 25mm SCR-S 1” Multi-Purpose Scraper easily fits into the tight spaces to provide you with the ultimate scrapping power. After all, it’s a one-inch-wide head that’s sure to conquer a variety of tricky and detailed jobs, including decals, gaskets, paint, window film, vinyl, adhesives, and more.  

Of course, if you’re looking for more coverage, the 60mm SCR-L Multi-Purpose Scraper will do the trick with over two inches of blade width.  

Both of these scrapers are designed to be acetone-resistant, making your clean up job a whole lot easier. Carry around these disposable scrapers for any quick fix when it comes to floors, glass, tile, walls, and all the surfaces you can think of.   


Multi-Purpose Scrapers: Designed for Any Task 

As dynamic as scrapers are, OLFA Multi-Purpose Scrapers are designed to be adjustable and can tackle a variety of tasks. Newly released this September, the BTC-1 DX Multi-Purpose Scraper with Adjustable Head is an absolute powerhouse, made to not only scrape but also cut caulking, cardboard, flooring protection, tubing, leather, and more. Its pivot-point head adjusts 190 degrees, allowing this scraper to reach any tight corner. This scraper is, quite literally, a catch all! 

Picture this: you’re in a time-crunch and don’t have the tools you need in handy. The OLFA 40mm GSR-2 Stainless Steel Blade Mini Scraper is the pocket-sized solution for all of your scraping needs. Don’t be fooled by its compact size – its unique keyed blade design and fiberglass reinforced handle stabilizes it for heavy-duty usage against paint, adhesives, and other thick materials.  

For especially difficult jobs that require a wide area of cleaning, the OLFA 120mm GSR-1/3B Stainless-Steel Multi-Grip Scraper is up to the task. The structure of this scraper is key – providing a razor-sharp blade with stainless-steel support, eliminating broad areas of grime and more.  




X-Design Scrapers: Made for Heavy-Duty Usage 

The OLFA X-Design Scrapers all have a non-slip rubber grip and built-in steel strike plates to empower you as you take on the toughest tasks. Modeled at different lengths, the XSR-200 8”, XSR-300 12”, and XSR-600 24” Extra Heavy-Duty Scrapers all provide unmatched scraping power, dyamicly equipped for a wide range of jobs – either detailed removal or intense demolition. 

Use any of them to tackle paint, adhesive, grout, epoxy, roofing materials, and more. Plus, changing the blades on these are safe, simple, and completely tool-free. 


Depending on what the task is, OLFA scrapers are engineered to excel. Conquer any task with precision and power with an OLFA scraper in hand! Learn more.