Father’s Day Gift Guide with OLFA

With Father’s Day coming up fast, it’s time to start thinking about gifts. Whether you’re a son, daughter, wife or partner, dads can be hard to shop for— does the sentence “I don’t need anything” ring any bells? But if there is a moment to pull out all the stops for the man you’ve always looked up to, it's Father's Day. With the help of our experienced OLFA Pro All-Stars, we have rounded up the best Father's Day gift ideas for those DIY dads who take pride in tackling home repair and maintenance tasks themselves.


  1. OLFA 18mm MXP-L Die-Cast Aluminum Utility Knife

Sturdy, heavy-duty, and strong, this utility knife offers a comfortable ergonomic grip, while remaining lightweight in your pocket. The shape of the handle itself makes it comfortable to use either the left or right hand. The die-cast aluminum body and ratchet-lock give it a premium feel over most snap-off blade handles. A brass locking pin maintains the blade position to cut with confidence. And if a slide lock is more up your speed, the OLFA 18mm MXP-AL Knife is what you need. This knife is great when working outdoor with turf, or cutting nylon, tape, laminates, and carpet around the house. If you need any help finding the right blades to go with it, our experts recommend the OLFA 18mm LBB Ultra-Sharp Black Blades, as they stay sharp for a really long time.

 OLFA 18mm MXP-L Die-Cast Aluminum Utility Knife

  1. OLFA 40mm GSR-2 Stainless Steel Blade Mini Glass Scraper

From having a storage case to hold your spare blades to stainless-steel parts that resist corrosion, the OLFA 40mm GSR-2 Scraper is the right tool to continue the journey to those places that other knives cannot reach. This scraper features blade storage that also works as a cover and clips into the handle while in use— so your father won’t ever have to worry about leaving it around. On top of that, the blades are phenomenal and can take some abuse, yet still remain sharp. From removing paint off windows to using it with gaskets, this scraper will help your dad get through endless projects.

 OLFA GSR-2 Mini Glass Scraper

  1. OLFA 9mm XA-1 Fiberglass Precision Knife

For those dads who are into delicate projects that require a steady hand and solid knife, this OLFA Precision Knife is what they need. With a wraparound anti-slip body, this precision tool is ideal for cutting through vinyl, twine, wallpaper, paper, and also trimming parts. It comes preloaded with an Ultra-Sharp Black Blade that offers (13) segments that snap for quick access to a fresh tip. The handle itself is able to take this knife to the next level: nothing can compare to the comfortable balance grip, which will allow your dad to angle precise cuts each time.

 OLFA 9mm XA-1 Fiberglass Precision Knife

  1. OLFA 25mm H-1 Extra Heavy-Duty Utility Knife

For all those heavy-duty jobs, this OLFA knife is the ideal option. Whether working with drywall, shingles, tape, linoleum, or even a cement board, the robust ABS plastic handle with a stainless-steel blade channel makes this tool a must-have. Light and compact, this knife is able to resist oil, paints, etc. and any of that can be wiped off easily. And what our All-Stars love the most is the ease and convenience of the blade change. Simply loosen the ratchet wheel and slide the blade from the back of the tool. Insert a fresh blade, tighten, and return to work!

OLFA 25mm H-1 Extra Heavy-Duty Classic Rubber Grip Utility Knife

  1. SK-15/10 Disposable Concealed Blade Safety Knife

Although different than what you’d expect (and perhaps have never seen before), this tool will come in handy for so many different situations. From working with bagged goods to slicing through films, paper, cable ties, or even corrugated, your father will carry this knife around everywhere he goes. And what’s great is that he won’t ever have to worry about cutting himself, because this ingenious knife features a concealed blade that prevents accidental cuts and injury. The installation of the concealed blade makes cutting safe not only for the user but also for the contents under the cut in the package.

 OLFA OLFA SK-15/10 Disposable Concealed Blade Safety Knife

Thanks to our tailored list of tools, you will be able to surprise your dad with a present that he can use anywhere, whether on the job or working around the house. And if he loves it, don’t be shy! Tag us in your photos using the hashtag #OLFApro.