Extra Tough XSR Industrial Scrapers

Built for quality with a solid feel in the hand, the OLFA XSR Series of Extra Heavy-Duty Scrapers are tough enough to earn their place in any professional’s toolbox.

The XSR series comes in three models:

  • XSR-200 is 200mm (about 8 inches) long
  • XSR-300 is 300mm (about 1-foot) long
  • XSR-600 features an extra-long handle, giving it a length of 600mm (about 2-feet)

Each of these powerful scrapers comes equipped with a 100mm-wide (4-inches) x 0.5mm BS Dual-Edge Scraper Blade. This carbon tool steel blade is designed with both a sharp and a rough-edged side. The sharp side can be used for finer scraping jobs and the blunt edge can be used for removing tough materials or stubborn substrates. Extend the scraper’s versatility by with additional scraper blade options. The XSR scrapper also accepts BS08 Thick Scraper Blades (100mm x 0.8mm), BSF Flexible Dual-Edge Blades, or standard OLFA Silver, Black, or Speed Snap-Off Utility Blades.

What sets these scrapers apart from many others in the market is the safety and simplicity of blade changes. No tools are required to change out blades and the blade is always securely held during the change. Simply loosen the handy “one-thumb” screw and press the lever on the back to open the blade jaws. Remove the blade, insert a new one, and retighten the screw. If extra tightening is needed, simply use a coin or screwdriver to cinch it up. 

The XSR scraper line was designed and engineered with direct input and insight from industry professionals to meet the daily needs of those on the ground and in the trenches doing the work.

Each model features an angled head, so you work with the tools and not against them. The extra-strong, die-cast metal handle, with an ergonomically rounded, non-slip rubber grip gives both comfort and stability. Even with the sharpest of blades, sometimes you need a little extra force or leverage when removing or prepping floors, walls, roofs or more. That is why the XSR models have been designed with a built-in durable steel strike tip at the end of the handle. When you need to chip away at tough material such as tiles, grab your hammer or mallet for additional force - these scrapers can take the impact and deliver maximum power to get the job done!