Could These Be the World’s Most Loved Heavy-Duty Utility Knives?

In today’s world, consumers—and especially professionals—expect products to go beyond, “performs as expected.” They don’t simply demand excellence, they demand perfection. That’s why in a sea of cynical or flat-out derisive product reviews and comments, products that receive nearly perfect five-star ratings can’t help but stand out and above anything else on the market.

Today, we’re talking about two OLFA products that have earned this level of validation, the 18mm L-5 Fiberglass Utility Knife and the 18mm LA-X Fiberglass Utility Knife.

What makes these heavy-duty utility knives outshine and outwork the competition? Let’s first look at the handle: they both come with an ergonomically designed, fiberglass reinforced handle that is built to work as hard as you do. It is also chemically resistant with an anti-slip rubber grip.

Next? The blade. The L-5 and the LA-X come pre-loaded with an Ultra-Sharp 18mm LBB Black Snap-Off Blade, which is perfect for the toughest construction applications such as cutting linoleum, carpeting, rubber, vapor barrier, and much more.

A handy innovation that sets these utility knives apart is their multi-purpose metal pick. When you run into a task that needs doing—but not with a sharp blade, you can simply flip the knife around and use the metal pick, which is integrated into the handle. This comes in handy when scraping off caulk, opening can lids or removing items such as outlet plates or prying off trim. This feature ensures that the razor-sharp OLFA blades stay clean, fresh and ready to go.


Where the knives differ is in their locking mechanisms:

  • L-5 has a convenient ratchet-locking blade actuator. This brilliant thumbwheel design quickly allows for a one-touch extension of the blade to any cutting position. 
  • LA-X automatically locks the blade firmly in place. With a single touch, you can extend and retract the blade to accommodate cuts of varying depths. 


These heavy-duty utility knives are engineered for performance and they don’t disappoint. This is why time after time, people describe the L-5 and LA-X utility knives with words and phrases such as, “Best of the Best,” “Brilliant Knife,” “You won’t find better,” “Love it!” “OLFA does it again,” and on and on.

Not only do the L-5 and LA-X utility knives deliver solid confidence knowing you are always working with incredibly sharp blades and durable equipment, they also come with a limited lifetime warranty to help you take on those projects today and for many years to come. 


Read more about what people are saying:

Josh from Conroe, TX (

I have used this knife on a daily basis since I received it. The first thing I noticed was how much better it felt in my hand compared to other utility knives I have used in the past. The increment stops are very positive and tactile. The blade was noticeably sharper and has stayed sharp. I have used this knife for everything from opening packages, cleaning splinters from pocket holes after drilling, to cutting templates in cardboard and plastics. It has stood up to every job I have put it to. I'm a believer.

Chris Milton aka @modernmilt

The LA-X knife is one of the most versatile knives for home renovations. From the The fiberglass body, rubber grip, snap off blades and multipurpose metal pick. This knife can tackle it all.