Compact Scrapers for Tough, Detailed Cleaning and Smoothing

When you need to clean, scrape, trim and level out an area until it is smooth as silk or if you are working in tight spaces where details matter most, reach for a compact OLFA scraper. 

OLFA scrapers come in many shapes and sizes, but for reaching narrow areas, tight corners, and even curved surfaces, there are three that stand out for getting the toughest, yet most detailed projects done—and done well.


40mm GSR-2 Mini Glass Scraper is designed to scrape glass to clean off labels, stickers and caulk from windows, windshields, table tops, stove tops and more!

The GSR-2 is a compact scraper tool that features replaceable stainless steel blades. Its handle is fiberglass-reinforced, so it is ridged, strong and lightweight, yet its anti-slip rubber grip helps it feel solid, secure and comfortable in the hand. All the metal parts of this tough tool are constructed of stainless steel, which make it rust and corrosion resistant and offers easy clean-up.

After completing one project and it comes time to replace the old blade with a fresh, new razor sharp one, simply pull a new one out of the integrated blade holder. Not only does the blade holder store six additional blades, it also doubles as a blade cover for safety when not in use. To swap out a new blade, an innovative thumb-screw enables a quick and easy, tool-free blade change. The tool’s blade holding plate securely holds the blade in place, preventing movement and slippage within the handle during even the toughest scraping jobs.

Multi-Purpose Scrapers

25mm SCR-S 1"
Multi-Purpose Scraper
60mm SCR-L
Multi-Purpose Scraper

For lighter-duty projects needing scraping, preparation and clean-up, nothing beats the OLFA multi-purpose disposable scrapers.

These come in two models, the SCR-S has a 25mm-wide (1-inch) sharp edged, stainless steel blade. The other is SCR-L, which features a blade that is 60mm (2.4 inches) wide.

These handy tools are perfect for simple scraping projects such as scraping glue, caulk and coatings off floors walls and windows. The blades are made of top-quality, rust-resistant stainless steel that can negotiate tough or delicate scraping projects with ease.

The blade on the SCR-S and the SCR-L are permanently affixed to a very sturdy handles. Both blade and handles are constructed of acetone-resistant materials so cleaning them up is a snap.


GSR-2 in action: