A Day in the Life of an Electrician

Do you remember that one time the light above the sink was flickering, so you tried to fix it and ended up blowing the fuse? With our increased dependence on technology and given that most of us have very limited knowledge of electrical wiring, electricians have become more important than ever. But what’s it like to be an electrician? And how do OLFA tools assist them in their everyday life?

To answer these questions, we chatted with Ryan Wingfield of Alberta Canada (@ryantheelectrician), a veteran in the electrical trade with more than 7 years of experience under his belt. His passion for OLFA tools started with his beloved dad, who had supplied OLFA knives at work for over 20 years and taught Ryan how to use them and dispose of the blades correctly.

OLFA tools electrician

“The life of an electrician changes every day, because it depends on what you’re working on. I usually get up between 5:30-6:30AM, and then have two slices of homemade bread with peanut butter and jam. I get to work around 7 or 8 in the morning, and the first thing I do is pour myself a freshly brewed cup of coffee! I say good morning to all the wonderful people in the office and see what’s on the schedule for the day” says Ryan.

To start his day right, the OLFA 18mm L-2 Utility Knife never leaves Ryan’s side. “This knife is very easy to use: not only can you effortlessly snap off the blade, but you can also adjust the blade length. This is perfect when I need to set a specific cut depth to cut through smaller cables and boxes”.

After his busy morning, Ryan usually has a delicious homemade sandwich for lunch. Then – back to work!

Although the L-2 Utility Knife is Ryan’s best bud, he uses a variety of OLFA tools in his job. “From the MXP-L or LA-X to the L-5, the uses are infinite! I use these essentials for stripping all kinds of cables, cutting cardboard or plastic strapping, and opening bundles of conduit. I also use them to cut down packaging and boxes that are on site, such as solar panels, inverters, and electrical panels. I wouldn’t be able to do my job if I didn’t have a durable, sharp OLFA knife that could be sharpened again in no time!”. His day usually ends around 4:30-5pm, depending on the project he’s working on.

OLFA knife Electrician

But before letting Ryan go home, we wanted to ask him if he’s ever found one unusual, yet useful use for OLFA knives that he’d like to share with his fellow colleagues, and he said yes – so electricians, listen up! “I recently discovered that OLFA knives can be very handy for cutting electrical boxes in Styrofoam block walls. Having a sharp knife that has replaceable blades and a strong handle makes this job very easy to accomplish - OLFA never lets you down!”.


About Ryan:

“I am an electrician by trade, and I also have many years of experience trying my hand at other trades and work. OLFA knives have been part of my life for over 25 years and continue to be the standard from great box cutters to stripping cables on large solar powered renewable energy sites. My dad introduced me to OLFA when I was a young boy and the brand continues to be a staple in my work”.


More about the OLFA 18mm L-2 Utility Knife with Rubber Inset

OLFA 18mm L-2 Utility Knife features a durable ABS handle with an anti-slip rubber inset on the backside for secure handling. This durable, sharp knife comes preloaded with a silver snap-off blade, making it ready to tackle a multitude of job sites applications right out of the package. This knife is also backed by a stainless-steel channel that runs the length of the blade, to ensure cutting with confidence.