A Day in the Life of a Painter

We wanted to shine some light this month on a certain group of tradespeople who love and support OLFA for many reasons: painters! From scraping, to cutting protective coverings, to popping paint can lids with that LA-X multi-pick, OLFA shows up for painters day in and day out.

We met with Michael Osornio (@paint_life_1904) of San Diego to hear about what a typical day is like for a professional residential house painter and how OLFA shows up for him. Up at 6:00 AM, Michael says, “For my morning routine, I wake up and start my day by running down the list of everyone and everything that I am grateful for. This helps my mindset shift to a humbler state to begin my day with some positive vibes.” He then grabs breakfast and gets to a jobsite by 9:00 AM at the latest.

We asked Michael which OLFA knife is always in his tool bag or on his belt? Why is it your go-to? He says, “OLFA helps my prep go by smoothly every day. I have been using my OLFA LA-X for 8 years now, and I have been using it to open up paint cans, cut plastic film, and cut rosin paper for floor protection. I always have my OLFA LA-X Utility Knife in my pocket and it's one of the first things I put in my pocket in the morning. I can't get to the jobsite without my OLFA.”

Mid-way through the day you may catch Michael over at his favorite spot Rubio’s in San Diego quickly grabbing some lunch. Then – back to work!

Aside from the obvious tips for using OLFA tools, we wanted to know what other advice Michael may give someone using our utility knives on a daily basis – and he came back with an answer we love to hear: SAFETY! “A tip for other painters using OLFA would be to remember to treat the blade with care. Always lock the blade after using it and don't leave it laying around anywhere on the jobsite.”

The workday wraps up around 4:30 PM. As Michael finishes up at a jobsite, we asked how OLFA comes into play for cleanup. He replies, “When finishing a job, the LA-X comes into play when cutting plastic to remove the prep-work faster and easier.” Arriving at home, that LA-X stays handy and assists Michael in opening those packages waiting on his front porch!

“I love OLFA! It's a painter’s best friend and always delivers when needed on any project.”


More about the 18mm LA-X Fiberglass Utility Knife


The stainless-steel housing covers the entirety of the handle to keep the blade in place under pressure, adding rugged stability to every cut. When additional construction tasks threaten the blade’s sharp edge, opt for the metal pick at the back end of the knife to scrape, pull, or pry difficult material. The rubber grip reduces stress on your hands, prevents slips, and guarantees an easy cut.


Other recommended tools for painters

18mm L-1 Ratchet Lock Utility Knife


With an ergonomically designed anti-slip handle that's tough enough for contractors, this classic knife is a snap to use. The ABS handle is contoured and designed for high-impact, but also slick and smooth and easy to wipe down.\

40mm GSR-2 Stainless Steel Blade Mini Scraper

Whether working with paint, adhesives or silicone caulk, this mini OLFA scraper is an excellent choice for commercial scraping applications. The durability of the fiberglass-reinforced handle is complemented by stainless steel parts that resist corrosion or rust.