Winter Wonderland: Paper Cut Layered Photo Frame

Designer: Marcia Izabel Marchiori

YouTube: MarciaBel Vlog  

Instagram: @marciabel




In this step-by-step tutorial, you'll discover how to create a stunning 3D layered paper art scene that perfectly captures the enchanting essence of the winter season.

Crafted from paper and recycled cardboard, this project can be displayed as framed artwork on your wall or used as a unique photo frame to showcase your favorite winter memories.

Let's get started!



Tools & Supplies Needed 





  1. Begin by printing the provided templates to scale. All of the sheets are to be printed on white cardstock, with the exception of “Layer 1-Bottom”, to be printed on kraft paper (do not cut out this kraft paper sheet up to the end of tutorial).

    Gather all the required tools and materials.



  1. Prepare your photo: With OLFA graphics knife, cut your photo to 7” x 7” size, When choosing a picture, keep in mind the space needed with the layers of your scene (refer to the schematic below).



  1. Carefully cut out all the layers of your winter scene. Use the acrylic ruler and the art knife paired with the precision art blade to cut straight lines and small details (like the windows). For the curved sections, hand-cut with OLFA AK-4 paired with the curved carving art blade.



  1. For "Layer 3," use the OLFA rotary circle cutter to create a circle as per the template, using center marking as a guide. Here, I used temporary masking tape to keep the paper in place while using the rotary cutter.


  1. Start with the "Layer 1-Bottom" template as your base. Use adhesive tape to adhere your photo to this square.



  1. Adding Depth: Apply Therm O Web foam strips to the back side of "Layer 2" (bottom and cloud) and attach it to "Layer 1-Bottom”.



  1. Layer 3 and Beyond: Apply foam tape to the back of "Layer 3" while ensuring you encircle all four sides to provide structural support to the layers.


Pay close attention here: the top left of “Layer 3” requires doubling up the foam tape to achieve the correct layer height (see picture below)



  1. Continue to add the remaining two layers following the provided schematic. Remember to always place foam tape between layers to create the desired 3D effect and align them to form the frame square shape.


  1. Creating the cardboard frame involves cutting eight strips of cardboard, each measuring 7" x 1 1/2" using an OLFA Stainless-Steel Graphics Knife. Then, glue four of these strips together to form two separate pieces. After gluing all the layers together, trim each piece to 1" for a clean and polished finish for your frame (picture 16).


Tip: When using graphics knives, do not press it through the paper with too much pressure, as it can tire your hand unnecessarily. It’s better to cut it several times until done, with less pressure. This way you’ll also have a cleaner and straighter cut.



  1. Then, adhere both pieces to each side of your artwork. Measure the total length of your artwork, including the cardboard sides already positioned, and create two new sets of layered cardboard strips following the same steps above. Glue the remaining sets to the top and bottom.



  1. Using OLFA graphics knife, cut the excess of kraft paper (background).



Your winter-themed 3D layered paper art is ready to shine!


Optional Enhancements:

- Instead of making a cardboard frame from scratch, you can use a store-bought square shadowbox for a quicker solution.

- To use it solely as wall art, skip the photo step and make the background with a cardstock of contrasting color (see below, here I used white markers to make “snow dots"), turning it into a striking decorative winter piece for your space.

Now, behold your handcrafted winter masterpiece!


We hope you enjoyed creating it, and may it bring warmth and charm to your winter decor.

Don’t forget to tag me @marciabel and @OLFA_craft in your finished cards, we would love to see your creations!