Tips for working with… Aurifil Forty3


– Aurifil’s 40wt/3ply thread is everything you know and love about the 40wt/2ply, but with an additional strand of luscious cotton spun into the mix for added strength. Available in 73 colors, it’s wound on a bright yellow cone sporting 3280 yards of thread. That’s a LOT of thread!

– Forty3 was designed to handle the rigor of today’s high-speed, high-tech longarm quilting machines but also works beautifully on domestic machines. Choose it for quilting, embroidery, fiber-art, bag and garment making, and more. 

– On any machine, we recommend a needle size ranging from size 90/14 up to 110/18. The groove along the shaft of a topstitch needle works wonders to protect the thread. The corresponding longarm needle size for a Groz Beckert “MR” needle would be a 3.0, 3.5, or 4.0. 

– When using Aurifil’s Forty3 thread on a sewing machine, consider lowering the top tension a bit and choosing Aurifil 40wt or 50wt 2ply threads for the bobbin. Use of a 2ply thread in the bobbin allows for more thread on the bobbin, extending sewing time before having to wind another bobbin.