Spring Memories Mini Scrapbook & Card Tutorial


Designer: Marcia Izabel Marchiori

YouTube: MarciaBel Vlog  

Instagram: @marciabel




Unleash the spirit of spring with this mini scrapbook tutorial adorned with hand-painted flowers. Its an easy project, ensuring a colorful masterpiece that surprises with its 3D folding and layers. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned crafters, it invites you to create a stunning keepsake that unfolds to reveal cherished moments. Plus, discover a new technique as I'll guide you through the process of dry embossing paper by hand.

Imagine the joy on your loved one's face as they receive this enchanting creation, as this design can  effortlessly be transformed into a heartwarming card that speaks volumes about shared memories.

Let's dive into the tutorial and craft a spring masterpiece together! 🌷



Tools & Supplies Needed: 




Gather all tools and materials.


  1. Using an OLFA 9 1/2" square frosted acrylic ruler, divide the length of a patterned paper into four equal parts, and trace along the lines. Repeat this process on the opposite side of the sheet, creating 2 3/4” squares:



  1. Divide the middle square edges of the paper's width in half, as illustrated below:



  1. Using OLFA AK-4 art knife and ruler, cut only the blue-highlighted lines below.
  2. Use the tapered base side of the OLFA AK-5 art knife handle to score the pink-highlighted lines below.





  1. Fold along all the scored lines to achieve the following results:


FRONT of folded patterned sheet:


BACK of folded patterned sheet:


  1. Cut a 2 1/2” rectangle from a thin cardboard box. Using a pencil, doodle a couple of leaf shapes, ensuring there is some blank space between them. The leaves should not touch the edges of the square.



  1. Next, use the OLFA AK-4 art knife paired with the curved carving art blade to cut out all the leaves. This will serve as your stencil for dry embossing the paper.

TIP: It's much easier to hand-cut curved lines if you rotate the paper while cutting.



  1. Attach the stencil to the FRONT of a watercolor paper using removable tape. This will help you maintain the stencil's position until you complete the embossing process.



  1. Place your stencil facing down on your lightbox, and above it, position the piece of watercolor paper intended for your finished piece. Use the embossing stylus to carefully trace the outline of each leaf, then the inside. Repeat this process for each leaf on the stencil.

Note: The amount of pressure required will depend on the type and thickness of the paper you're using. Be attentive to avoid damaging the paper fiber.



Repeat the process for all four squares. The following image shows the final result.



  1. Let’s begin creating the flowers! Take a blank sheet of paper and a pencil, and draw various designs and shapes of flowers and leaves. Keep in mind the colors of Posca markers you'll use in the next step. Aim for flowers with approximately 1 1/2” in diameter. 
11. Here are some suggestions:



  1. Position your flower sketch facing up on your lightbox, with a sheet of white cardstock placed over it. Use Posca markers to carefully outline and then fill in the flowers. Repeat this process for each color, allowing the paint to dry before adding a new layer of color.



  1. Once all the flowers and leaves are painted and dried, hand-cut each shape using the OLFA AK-4 art knife paired with the curved carving art blade. Leave a white margin around each piece, as shown below:



  1. Now, let's assemble the inside of your project. Begin by securing the embossed squares in place, with adhesive tape. Next, attach the photos also using adhesive tape. Finally, use Therm O Web Zots to adhere the flowers onto the squares. I'm enhancing the flowers by using both large and 3D dots to add more dimension to the layers.




  1. Utilize Dymo Mechanical Embosser tape to craft personalized messages for your artwork. If you don’t have it, print or handwrite a couple of quotes or memories related to your photos. Affix the quotes to the design.



  1. Create the outside of the project: cut two 9” x 1” strips of cardstock in coordinating color. Score the strips at intervals of 1/4”, then fold them to create a zigzag pattern with the paper.



  1. With permanent adhesive tape, join both edges together. Set apart for step 19.



  1. Fold the entire design together. Then, attach a 3 x 8 1/2” patterned paper to each side of the outsides using adhesive tape. Position the ribbon, tie a knot or bow.



  1. Fold the zigzag embellishment horizontally to create a circle-shaped piece.



  1. Affix one hand-painted flower on top, and ultimately, attach the created embellishment to the cover of your design, on top of the ribbon.



And there you have it—your cheerful mini scrapbook/card is ready!





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