MICHIGAN Table Topper

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Website: www.flowersew.com

Size: 22in L x 11in W

Skill level: Confident Beginner


Pattern notes:

  • Seam allowance is ¼in unless noted otherwise.
  • WOF = width of fabric: assume 9in x 21in for Fat Eight (FE).

Fabric Requirements:


Cutting instructions:

Color A = Cut (2) 4 1/2in squares***;

Color B = Cut (3) 4 1/2in squares*** and (8) 2 1/2in squares;

Color C = Cut (16) 2 1/2in squares;

Color D = Cut (8) 2 1/2in squares and (3) 4in squares;

Color E: Cut (3) 4in squares;

***Cut each 4 1/2in squares of Color A and Color B once in half on the diagonal.



Block construction:

  1. There are (8) identical 4-patch blocks and (3) identical hourglass blocks that forms the table topper. This project is set on point, so all rows will have half-triangles added to them.
First, make the 4-patch blocks, follow the chart below and make (8) identical blocks. No trimming is needed, each block measures 4 1/2in unfinished. (Fig 1)
    1. Now make the hourglass blocks, follow the charts below (Fig 2):

    • Lay (3) pairs of 4in squares of Color D and Color E, right sides together.
    • Sew using 1/4in seam allowance on each opposite side.
    • Cut the blocks once on the diagonal. Open and press to the darker color.

    (Fig 3)

    • With right sides together, align opposite colors and sew using 1/4in seam allowance.
    • Press seams open and trim block to 4 1/2in square.

    To trim, align the diagonal on a 4 1/2in square ruler or larger, to one of the diagonals on the block. Trim top and right, rotate the block, trim left and bottom. Repeat this process for all half-square-triangle blocks.

    Assembling the blocks:

    1. Following the chart below, piece all (5) rows. Attention to the rotation of the blocks to the right direction as shown. Fig 4
    2. Sew all four corners of Color A (red arrows) at the end after piecing the rows together.

    1. Baste and quilt using your preferred method.
    Congratulations!!!! What a beautiful project you’ve completed!!!