Getting Started with Aurifil Threads 

We are teaming up with Aurifil  over the coming months to bring you a series answering some of their most popular questions. 

– Aurifil’s primary threads are made from 100% cotton sourced from the Mako region of Egypt, produced and manufactured near Milan, Italy. 

– There are five different weights of cotton 2 ply, one cotton 3 ply, and one 6 strand divisible cotton floss.

– Aurifil threads are generally available on small spools, large spools, and cones.

– For ease of selecting your desired thread weight, Aurifil spools are color coded. Red = 12wt, Gray = 28wt, Green = 40wt, Orange = 50wt, Yellow = Forty3, Wood = Floss, Cherry Wood = 80wt. Color coding the spools allows you to locate the desired weight and color at a glance without reading the label.   

– Most weights are available in 270 luscious colors, with exception to 80wt (88 colors) and Forty3 (73 colors).

– Aurifil does offer a Wool 12wt thread in 192 colors and two shades of nylon monofilament.


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