Cheerful Card & Scrapbook Layout with Sunburst Paper Embroidery

Designer: Marcia Izabel Marchiori

YouTube: MarciaBel Vlog  

Instagram: @marciabel



As the days lengthen and the warmth of summer envelops us, it's time to embark on a creative journey that celebrates all its joy. Today, we're merging the art of paper embroidery with the delight of crafting a cheerful greeting card, which can also be adapted into a scrapbook project!

Join me in celebrating the spirit of summer and brightening our days with each stitch and fold. Let's get started!



Tools & Supplies Needed 





Gather all tools and materials. Print all the templates here according to the following instructions: print templates 1 and 3 onto white cardstock, template 2 onto textured blue cardstock (I've chosen a polka-dot textured paper. Print on the wrong/back side of your paper), and template 4 onto light blue textured cardstock (print on the wrong/back side of your paper).


  1. Begin with template 1, using the tapered base side of the OLFA AK-5 art knife handle to score along the dashed lines through the width of the



  1. Next, using the OLFA AK-4 art knife and a ruler, cut along all the straight lines of templates 1 and 2, as well as the quote rectangle and straight lines on the clouds of template 4 (if creating a scrapbook layout). Then, use the AK-4 with a curved blade and freehand cut along all the curved lines of the clouds.


Tip 1: When hand-cutting curved lines, it's much easier to rotate the paper while cutting with OLFA AK-4 art knife.

Tip 2: When using your art knife to cut previously printed lines where you wont need the guide lines of your mat, a clever option is to turn your OLFA mat over and use its back side! The back side has the same cutting properties as the front, only without the guides. This way, youre going to increase the lifespan of your mat :-)




Tip 3: remember to cut just below the printed lines to avoid any black lines showing on your card.



  1. Fold the previously scored lines, and set aside. Trim template 2 rectangle to size using AK-4 art knife and acrylic ruler. Place a felt underneath the cardstock, then, using your OLFA AK-5 with the needle point, punch out all the printed dots inside the rectangle, including the "x" mark, which will be the center of the sunburst.



  1. If you're also making a scrapbook layout: Use your OLFA AK-4, mat guides and ruler to cut out a 4 1/2” x 11” rectangle from the textured blue cardstock (I'm using a polka-dot textured paper).



  1. Using double-sided adhesive tape, adhere it to the middle of the letter-size light blue cardstock (front/right side).



  1. Begin embroidering the floss with a needle, starting with the yellow thread. Sew from the holes in the edge towards the center of the sunburst. To not waste thread, you can cut every time you complete a line, adhering it to the back of the sheet with magic tape (see picture below).
  2. If you're creating the scrapbook layout, follow the same process above with Template 4 on light blue cardstock (with the 4 1/2” x 11” rectangle of textured blue cardstock already attached to the front of the paper, as mentioned in step 5). Repeat the same process for the orange color. IMPORTANT: Remember that the embroidered sunburst should be created on the right side of the paper, not where the printed template is: in this case, the printed side is the BACK of your artwork.





Below are both finalized sunbursts:



  1. Using the OLFA CMP-1 compass circle cutter, cut a 1 1/2” diameter circle from yellow cardstock. If you're creating the scrapbook layout, cut an additional 4” diameter circle from the same yellow cardstock, and a 3 3/4” diameter circle from a photo of your choice.




  1. To assemble the card, use adhesive tape to adhere both the white cardstock and the embroidered blue cardstock together, followed by attaching the yellow circle.



  1. Assembling the scrapbook page: attach the yellow circle and photo together using adhesive tape. Then, adhere this piece to the center of the sunburst embroidered lines with foam tape or 3D Zots. Next, use Therm-O-Web 3D Foam Tape to attach the clouds above and below the blue strip. Finally, place the quote in front of the photo using 3D foam tape as well.




And voilà, your projects are ready!

Tip: The scrapbook layout can also serve as a beautiful framed wall artwork.



Don’t forget to tag me @marciabel and @OLFA_craft in your finished project, we would love to see your creations.

Enjoy Summer!