Carolinas Throw Pillow

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Pattern Notes:

  • Seam allowance is ¼in unless noted otherwise.
  • WOF = width of fabric: assume 18in x 21in for Fat Quarter (FQ), and 9in x 21in for Fat Eight (FE).



Fabric Requirements:

(36 blocks = 6 x 6 grid | 3 1/2in unf. block size)

Color A (cA) = Word Toss

 1 FQ

Color B (cB) = Peaches

 1 FQ

Color C (cC) = Flowers Blue

 1 FE

Color D (cD) = Flowers Red

 1 FE




1 FQ or 1/6yd


22in x 22in


Cutting Instructions:

  • Color A = Cut (3) 4in x WOF; sub-cut (14) 4in squares;
  • Color B = Cut (3) 4in x WOF; sub-cut (12) 4in squares;
  • Color C = Cut (1) 4in x WOF; sub-cut (5) 4in squares;
  • Color D = Cut (1) 4in x WOF; sub-cut (5) 4in squares;
  • Binding: FQ: Cut (4) 2 1/2in x WOF strips; YD: Cut (2) 2 1/2in x WOF strips;
  • Backing: Cut (2) 18 1/2in x 14in rectangles.


Block construction:

  1. There are:
  • (24) HSTs of Color A + Color B
  • (8) HSTs of Color C + Color D
  • (2) HSTs of Color A + Color D
  • (2) HSTs of Color A + Color C


2. Make the half-square-triangles according to step 1 matches.
With right sides together, lay (12) pairs of Color A + Color B, (4) pairs of Color C + Color D, (1) pair of Color A + Color D and (1) pair of Color A + Color C.
Mark/crease the back of each Color A and Color D squares diagonally using any pen or marking tool.



3. Sew using 1/4in on each side of the mark/crease previously made. Cut on the creased line and press seams to the darker fabric.

4. Trim blocks to 3 1/2in square. To trim, align the diagonal on a 3 1/2in square ruler or larger, to the diagonal on the block. Trim top and right, rotate the block, trim left and bottom. Repeat this process for all half-square-triangle blocks.



Assembling The Blocks:

  1. Following the chart below, piece all (6) rows.
  2. Each different block is named by the corresponding colors according to item one.



3. Piece the rows together, press the top and baste using the method of your preference.



    Finishing The Throw Pillowcase:

    1. After quilting and squaring up your quilt, before binding let’s sew the fabric for an envelope closure.
    2. You will need to hem the raw edge on the longer side of each piece (18 1/2in side). Fold the edge over 1” and press. Fold over again 1” and press. Stitch the fold in place. Use a decorative stitch for a fun finishing!



    3. To form the envelope closure, lay one piece at the bottom on the back of the quilt, inner sides touching, and overlap the top piece over the bottom piece.

    4. Sew all around to secure.



    5. Sew the binding on the front, and once done, fold it to the back. Use clips or glue to hold it in place and topstitch in the ditch on the front to finish.

    *To see a step by step on how to make a zipper closure, click here. 


    Your pillowcase is done!!! Congratulations!