OLFA Knife Nominated Best for Professionals

A utility knife can be used for many applications: from cutting tape, to cutting cardboard boxes, to slicing through drywall, to stripping wires, and countless other things. “Having a good utility knife is essential—I'd go as far as saying lifesaving,” says Karel Williams, a master plumber and contractor at Emergency Plumbing Squad. 

After careful evaluation and independent research, the Spruce has nominated the OLFA 18mm L-1 Ratchet Lock Utility Knife as the Best One for Professionals in 2023. 


OLFA 18mm L-1 Ratchet Lock Utility Knife 

More details on the OLFA 18mm L-1 Ratchet Lock Utility Knife. 

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  • Durable ABS handle
  • Tough, Silver Snap Blade
  • Stainless-steel support channel
  • Tool-free blade change

Built Tough for the Trades

Reach for the OLFA 18mm L-1 Ratchet Lock Utility Knife for construction or industrial tasks. With a durable ABS plastic handle, this classic knife is resilient enough for any trade. The contoured handle fits in hand for all-day comfort. For extra control, upgrade to the anti-slip rubber inset of the L-2 Utility Knife.

This ratchet-lock snap knife comes preloaded with a tough Silver Snap Blade. Each blade has eight (8) deep-etched grooves to provide a new blade in seconds. For a fresh edge, snap off the used section and keep on working. A tool-free blade change keeps you moving all day long.

OLFA 18mm L-1 Ratchet Lock Utility Knife OLFA 18mm L-1 Ratchet Lock Utility Knife Back


Carpet Cardboard/Corrugate
Drywall Films
Flexible plastics           Gaskets
House wrap Landscape fabrics
Linoleum Plastic sheeting
Plastic straps Shingles
Shrinkwrap Tape
Twine/Rope And more