Valentine’s Day Special: Accordion Card With Intertwined Hearts

Designer: Marcia Izabel Marchiori
YouTube: MarciaBel Vlog  
Instagram: @marciabel



Valentine's Day is a special day to show your love and affection to the people you care about, and one way to express your feelings is by creating a craft from scratch!


If you want to make a cute and creative card that will truly stand out, try making this accordion greeting card with intertwined hearts. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it using a template.



Tools & Supplies Needed 










  1. Print template to scale directly to the greeting card papers (template 1 to the red cardstock, and templates 2 & 3 to white cardstock). Gather all tools and materials.


  1. Using the OLFA ruler to guide, score the marked fold lines using the tapered base of the OLFA AK-5 Art Knife handle, then cut the printed card to shape using OLFA AK-4 Art Knife, paired with OLFA KB4-R/5 Curved Carving Art Blade, so you’ll have precise edges when freehand cutting the hearts.





  1. Fold all the previously scored parts of the card.


  1. Repeat the process with the rest of the printed templates, trimming the white cardstock to size. Apply double sided tape to the tab, secure both pieces together, keeping the tab to the back of the card, creating an accordion shape.




  1. Cut a rectangle out of the patterned paper and adhere it to the back of the letter “L" (back sides together), making sure to center it.


  1. Then adhere the accordion insert to the red cardstock.





  1. Finish your project tying a ribbon to the card.



OPTIONAL STEP: Adding Glitter to Your Card!


Add some dimension and sparkle to the card, with a simple extra step!


  1. Protect your surface with a plastic sheet, then mask off any areas of the card where you don't want Glitz Glitter Gel using Therm O Web iCraft removable Pixie tape:



  1. Apply Glitz Glitter Gel to the edge of the Pixie tape, close to the the heart, using a palette knife.



  1. Apply Glitz Glitter Gel across the heart using a hand applicator pad.



  1. Remove the Pixie tape, and let the product dry for at least one hour.



Assemble as specified before, and that's it! Your cute and creative accordion greeting card with intertwined hearts is now complete and ready to give to someone special.



I hope you have lots of fun making this and don’t forget to tag me @marciabel and @OLFA_craft in your finished projects, we would love to see your piece of art! 


Happy Valentine’s Day!