Two Ways to Create Ties

Designer: Marcia Spencer





I love adding tie details and drawstrings to my garments. I usually use one of two ways to create them depending on the type of fabric I’m using. For lighter weight fabrics I like to use the turned technique for heavier more sturdy fabrics I may opt for the folded technique. Here is what you need to start.



Materials and Tools Needed:


Cut your strips:



* You can use scrap fabric to create these ties. I depends on the length you need for your ties. My ties are 20” long for this tutorial. And I will be cutting 2” wide strips which will create 1/2“ wide ties. 


*Using your OLFA Tools, cut your fabric strips.


Create Turned Ties


  1. Using your OLFA Tools cut your fabric strips.



  1. With wrong sides together fold your strip in half the long way with raw edges facing. Pin.



  1. Press the fabric and stitch using ½” seam allowance.



  1. Using your Loop turning tool, turn the fabric right side out. Press



This technique gives you an ½” tie. You can Knot the end to finish. Topstitching is optional, however with this technique I usually do not topstitch.




Create Folded Ties


  1. Using your OLFA Tools cut your fabric strips.



  1. Insert flat strip into Binding Maker wrong side up. Feed fabric through and Press as it comes out the other end.



  1. Fold the strip in half, down the middle enclosing the folded edges. (this should create a binding strip). Press.



  1. Stitch the binding strip close on the open edge by topstitching close to the pressed edges. Repeat topstitching lengthwise on the opposite side as well.


Binded ties will be ½” wide when completed!


 Here are some great examples of where I've added ties to outfits: